GG Tips on Using Claude in Mobile Legends

Since its appearance exactly a month ago, Claude has always been a hot topic among Mobile Legends fans. Because this one hero is considered to be able to restore the prestige of the hero Marksman that has long faded. This hero, who has a monkey partner named Dexter, is often the choice in the Epic tier and above.

GG Tips on Using Claude in Mobile Legends

Don't be surprised if Claude becomes popular like now. The thing is, he was indeed very strong in battle. Actually, he has many weaknesses that can be exploited. However, users who are experts can certainly exploit its potential as one of the most unique heroes in Mobile Legends.

If you want to join as a Claude GG user that's gone, you can see the tips and guidelines below.

1. Build Speed ​​or Critical Attack Items?

The question above is indeed a major dilemma for Claude users. Seeing his passive ability, Claude is actually more suitable to use build item attack speed. However, many users of this item feel inconvenienced with enemies who have critical attacks. Hence, there are also some Claude users who prefer to build critical items.

If you choose to use the build item attack speed, the combination of Swift Boots, Demon Hunter Sword, Golden Staff, and Corrosion Scythe are items that must be entered. Using a combination of four items means increasing Claude's attack speed by 165%.

Choosing a combination of attack speed and critical items such as Scarlet Phantom or Windtalker is not recommended. Therefore, the effect of adding attack speed was less than the maximum despite getting an additional from the conversion of critical opportunities from the Golden Staff. Instead, you can choose items such as Deadly Blade or Wind of Nature if you prioritize defense over the damage.

Then, what if you prefer to build critical items? Actually, for now, the build attack speed is indeed one-inch superior. However, choosing to build critical items is not the wrong way. Because, the combination of Scarlet Phantom, Berserker's Fury, Windtalker, and Demon Hunter Sword is enough to make the damage even spicier.

In addition to some of the items already mentioned above, you also have to use items that have the ability to regen. You might be able to play without skill. However, the damage and potential that came out became less than optimal. Therefore, Endless Battle is a mandatory item thanks to the effect of regen, lifesteal, and cooldown reduction.

The same thing applies if you want to maximize skills. Where regen from Endless Battle is guaranteed not enough. Therefore, it's a good idea to sacrifice the attack speed of Swift Boots and replace them with Demon Shoes.

2. Emblem and Battle Spells Recommendation

For Claude, there are two emblems that you can choose, namely Physical and Marksman. You can use the Physical emblem if you want Claude to add to the trunk via additional cellphones. However, to maximize attack speed, manifestation, and armor penetration, there is no need to hesitate anymore to choose the Marksman emblem.

Next is a fairly difficult choice, namely battle spells. There are Retribution and Flicker that you can choose among other battle spells. If you want to level up quickly, Retribution is what you should choose.

Conversely, if you feel less confident with your own abilities, it's a good idea for Flicker to be the battle spells of choice. Skill 2 did make Claude very nimble. However, in the Epic tier to the escape route, the hero will definitely be read by the opponent. So Flicker can be an emergency button when you hit the gang.

3. Laning, Roaming, Farming, Push!

Just like Marksman heroes in general, Claude was very weak at the beginning of the game. For this reason, you must quickly raise his level so that he can contribute greatly in battle.

Laning strategy is the most recommended way. Thanks to skills 1 and 2, Claude will be more effective against more enemies than jungling who only fight one monster. Once you have cleared a passing minion, then you can rotate into the forest to kill monsters.

Because of the speed of his attacks, Claude can become the team's secret weapon to knock down opponents' turrets. So, after landing and farming, it means that it's time you have to push when the game has reached the 4th minute.

If one or two turrets have been successfully broken down, it means you have to continue roaming and be ready to help your teammates when there is a war.

4. Skill 1, Who Said Not Useful?

Do not be surprised if you find many Claude users who are not useful in battle, both enemies and your own teammates. This is natural. Because using Claude is not as easy as it looks beautiful in YouTube clips.

If you find a player like that, he can be guaranteed not to be able to use skill 1's potential well. Because skill ability 1 makes Claude get the extra speed of movement and attack after stealing from the enemy. This effect does not only apply to heroes but also applies to minions and forest monsters.

The more diligent you use it means you will also level up faster. You should pay attention to this because Claude relies heavily on attack speed to finish off the enemy. Using it during team battles is also very helpful because you will be faster, while enemies will be slower.

Not only that, but you can also use skill 1 to chase away fleeing enemies in a dying state. Make sure the enemy's blood is really dying, then you use this skill and hit it. The enemy will die from damage caused by this skill.

5. Attack and Blur with Skill 2

Not only did he get help from Dexter, but Claude also received unexpected help from Dexter's holographic projection resulting from skill 2. This hologram is capable of causing the same damage as Dexter's. The amount of damage was the same as what Dexter got from items and skills.

That is, you have to really utilize this power so that the potential and damage to the maximum. In battle, it is obligatory for you to continue to use this skill. No need to worry if your mana runs out because you will still get it from which items regen.

In addition, this skill can also be used when pressed. The blurring mechanism is arguably very unique because it allows Claude to move twice. The first is when he first casts a shadow. When you use the skill again, he will move to the hologram, while the hologram will move to Claude's before moving.

Not enough until there, Claude can move again by returning to use skill 2. The mechanism remains the same. He will still move to the location of the hologram.

In order to escape quickly, don't place the hologram forward. Instead, you should put the hologram in the place where you are or behind. This is done so you can run away from the hologram when the enemy is chasing. When the enemy is near, then you can use skill 2 again so that you move to the location of the hologram that you've already stayed away from with the chasing enemy.


Seeing his abilities, Claude can be said to be one of the most unique Mobile Legends heroes for now. His attacks are very difficult to predict makes the enemy will be inconvenienced. Moreover, he also has the ability to steal the opponent's speed which makes him able to finish off the enemy with a flash without being expected.

However, Claude can actually backfire for users who do not understand their abilities. Admittedly, Claude does not look difficult when used. In fact, he is not that difficult if you use it just to shoot. In fact, Claude has the ability to be a secret style.