GG Tips on Using Martis in Mobile Legends

As already discussed two months ago, Martis the hero of the new Fighter is predicted to be Alucard's toughest competitor. The prediction finally happened. As the vampire hunter hero sinks in prestige, Martis appears to be the hero king of Fighter Mobile Legends.

GG Tips on Using Martis in Mobile Legends

Just like Alucard, Martis relied on his sword to cut down the enemy in front of him. Every skill belonging to Martis is equally brutal and painful for enemy heroes. I was so brutal, you would be stuck if you couldn't control it well. On the contrary, Martis will truly become king in battle if you can take advantage of his abilities.

Instead of bragging, you should first look at GG tips using Martis below. Who knows, you can really be king in battle!

1. Build the Best Items

Martis is indeed a strong hero. The basic attack is already strong enough and fast to finish off the enemy. Not to mention all of his brutal skills. However, it still won't have the maximum potential if you don't provide the right build items.

It should be noted, Martis is a hero who is less excited in the early and late game. The softness of this hero really feels in the first minutes of the game. Without skill, Martis' attack in the early game is not sick enough to kill a class hero. So, don't be surprised if you become a victim of ganking in the early game when you use Martis.

Likewise in the late game. Martis banged power could not compensate for other heroes, especially carry hero. Therefore, you really need to play mercilessly in the mid-game phase so that the match can be finished quickly.

To maximize the potential of his ability as a bouncer, building Burst Damage items is the safest choice. You can enter Burst Damage or attack speed items such as Berserker's Fury, Scarlet Phantom, and Blade of Despair.

One item that must be in the Martis item build is Haas's Claw. This item is very important for repaying blood by causing enemies, both minions and enemy heroes. Without lifesteal, Martis would be a hero who tormented teammates. You see, Martis blood and endurance are relatively small. Especially if you already have the effect of enemy crowd control (CC).

The Rose Gold Meteor Sword is also a must for you to consider. The passive effect will be very useful to delay your death when you get a gank. The additional hitting power and lifesteal will play a bigger role than other death delay items such as Immortality.

For movement items, Wizard Boots are the most recommended shoes if you want the game to be over quickly. The passive effect that adds 80 gold from the achievement of assists will really help make your items quickly.

2. Mandatory Jungling so that Quick Fixes

Many Martis users don't put too much importance on jungling when competing. This method isn't wrong because you can farm on a lane. However, you must remember that Martis are weak in the early game. So jungling is the best way for you to finish the game quickly.

Although the bang was weak at the beginning, Martis was strong enough, really, for hunting forest monsters. Passive skill effects (Ashura's Wrath) increase Martis attack speed after using skills. You can also increase its attack power by buying Jungling items (up to level 2 only) first. Don't forget to also choose the Retribution battle spell if you want to focus on jungling from the start so you can level up faster.

So that the game is finished quickly, you really have to finish all available forest monsters. If you have already been swelled by other players, you can slip into the lane and tripe Minions that pass. To be sure, Martis must level up quickly in order to finish off enemies easily in the mid-game.

3. Always Open Attack with Skill 1

When levels and items are already strong enough, it's time for Martis to fight! He can be a good initiator of attacks thanks to Skill 1 (Ashura Aura) which stuns enemies. Yep, the law is absolutely mandatory for opening attacks, both when solo and team fight, with this skill. Don't risk opening an attack with Skill 2 (Mortal Coil) that is too brutal to control.

Indeed, anyway, Martis will be invulnerable when using Skill 2. However, this is still too risky when the team fight. Moreover, Skill 1 will not be maximal if you are too close to the enemy. You better hide in the bush first. New, you surprise the enemy with Ashura's sharp teeth!

BTW, no need to be stingy to spam Skill 1. This skill will be very useful for causing Minions in the lane. While you can position yourself well, three Minions at once can be hit by one attack of this skill. Not bad for farming or pushing.

4. Diligent Practice Using Skills 2

Martis 2 skill is tricky compared to Fighter hero skills in general. You really need the right calculation and positioning when using it. This skill is indeed brutal and can break down enemy formations with its knockback effect. However, this skill can be a "suicide bomb" for Martis himself if you use it.

When activating it, Martis will advance forward twice towards the enemy. You can go forward (or back) again by activating this skill. You just use it, you can get trapped around the enemy. The potential for ganking is greater with the thinning of the blood and Martis endurance.

The principle of "experience is the best teacher" is perfect for describing this skill. The more diligent you practice using it, your instincts are guaranteed to be stronger. You can use the second or third activation effect of this skill to retreat while directing the enemy towards teammates.

BTW, Skill 2 you can also use to run away. This skill doesn't need a lock hero. So, when pressed, no need to hesitate to activate this skill. You can push three times so you can run away quickly. As long as there are no enemy heroes who have CC skills, the enemy is guaranteed not to be able to chase you.

5. Combination 1> 2> Basic Attack> 3

Martis has a superciliary ultimate skill (Decimate). A requirement, enemy blood must be below 50% to activate the true damage effect. If you succeed in killing the enemy with this skill, you can use it once again.

Therefore, don't try to open an attack with the ultimate skill. It will be in vain if the enemy doesn't die. As already explained above, always open attacks with Skill 1. After that, you can continue with Skill 2, basic attacks, then the ultimate skill.

Why do you have to attack with basic attacks first before the ultimate skill? Remember, Martis has a passive skill in the form of additional attack speed after using the skill. So, it's good to give additional damage with basic attacks, especially for enemies who have thick blood or endurance. If the enemy's blood has been reduced by more than half after you use Skills 1 and 2, there is no problem if you immediately finish him with ultimate skill.


Admittedly, the grim and brutal impression of Martis is actually rather deceptive. This hero is actually not so strong, both from attack and defense. Damage from all of his skills is also not so painful. Especially for the ultimate skill if you don't use it properly.

Even so, it's wrong for you to underestimate Martis. He has a high attack speed that will be troublesome while destroying enemy formations. While you can finish the game quickly, everything will not be a problem for you. Especially if you can maximize its ability to build the right items. The "GG" title will suit Martis!