Guide And Tips on How to Perform a Counter Combo Chess Rush

It's not easy to make a strategy to do a counter combo on the game Chess Rush. The difference is in the overall strength of the team status. However, when two players fight fiercely, it looks like a counter-strategy can be an introduction to victory.

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And this article will give you tips on how to do the counter combo version of FajarYusuf.Com, so if you don't agree with the FajarYusuf.Com version, you can give your opinion directly through comments, of course, this is for the progress of the Chess Rush! Community.

There are only a few combos that I consider very strong in Chess Rush, here are the counters that you can apply:

How to Counter Combo Rider

Have you ever faced Combo 6 Riders at once ?, It must be very troublesome and difficult for the team if our team has weak damage.

Below are 2 ways to do a counter combo rider:
Reduce the armor of the Riders with Undead combos.

Have General Puffer

Currently, General Puffer is the most effective way to counter, because the skill possessed will slow down enemy cooldowns, and at level 3, General Puffer can reduce the armor of two opposing heroes by 225.

How to Counter Combo Assassin

It is undeniable, Assassin has the ability to produce burst damage towards the backline hero, and the main hero that deals with damage to the team. At the beginning of the battle, the Assassin can reach the enemy's backline and deal great damage!

Here are 3 ways to counter combo assassin:

Protect the DPS hero by placing it in the corner, along with the Tank hero.

Crowd Control skills are very effective against Assassins. Kraken which has AoE stun can be a solution to help defeat Assassin.

Hero AoE can also be an option, the Assassins fight at close range and surround the team. Having a Tank hero to fight them will give AoE heroes the chance to kill, for example, General of War, Kraken, Forest’s Breath, and Flamecaller.

How to Counter Combo Beast

Combo Beasts are indeed very strong and can trouble defense lines and formations easily.

Here are 3 ways to do a combo beast counter:

Use heroes with large AoE damage, such as General of War, Apocalypse, Flamecaller and Frost Lotus

Use heroes with damage splashes, such as Dragoon, Stalker Drone, Unicorn Cavalier

Punisher combos are also effective, due to the large damage and damage splash that is generated.

How to Counter Combo Warrior

Combo Warrior will be so hard and difficult to defeat. The heroes are also quite flexible, which can use Race or other class heroes as additional combos.

Below are 3 ways to do a warrior counter combo:

Use of General Puffer. An ultimate skill that is very effective against armor.

Use Undead combos, though not very effective, but very helpful.

Use the Sorcerer combo, but you must remember, this combo can be counter also with the Oceanborn combo.

How to Counter Punisher Combo

With great damage and splash effects, the Punisher combo is a nightmare. Usually, this combo is combined with a Warlock combo.

Below are 4 ways to counter punisher combos:

Most Punisher / Demon doesn't have a large HealthPoint and can be attacked with burst damage or with AoE skills.

Spread the hero formation to reduce the effects of splash damage.

The Undead Combo with General Puffer is the best solution, because it reduces their armor, making it easy to kill.

Also, use Flamercaller and Forest’s Breath which have great damage skills.