Guide Gusion Mobile Legends

This MOBA game which is still very busy being played by everyone has just released their latest hero assassin. In general, every time a new hero is released, the hero is still overpowered once.

Guide Gusion Mobile Legends

Let's check out this Gusion Mobile Legends guide so you can easily MVP!

1. Background Gusion

The first Gusion Mobile Legends guide that we will discuss is the background of the hero who was named Gossen. The Pawleys is one of the most powerful and prestigious magic families in the Land of Dawn. Each member was raised to be a wizard of the best order.

In their eyes, the path to becoming a witch is the holiest and noble calling, while all those who stab the sword violently are only weak and ignorant people. Gusion is determined to solve that thought.

The fourth son of a highly regarded family namely Gusion showed a high interest in the elements of light from an early age rather than spending his days in a book. Gusion learned the control of light to inspire himself with the speed to run from the family area for only a few minutes, also to show the charm of the sword in an old ceremony with strong light energy.

He always believed that the family elders were very stubborn, so he always rebelled against their wishes at every opportunity. Finally, Gusion was given the opportunity to prove himself. The time came for him to take the Paxley family's most important test, a ritual of transition to adulthood.

With Gusion's speed in battle, his opponent was unable to lock his position and with his light blade, he claimed victory even before his opponent had the chance to launch a single spell.

The elders were amazed at the form and technique of his extraordinary battle. However, due to their prejudice towards physical battles and their close adherence to tradition, they gave Gusion two choices: to abandon his fighting style or be expelled from the family.

Facing such misery and not being able to control his rebellious nature, Gusion chose to leave the family with the belief that the entire Land of Dawn would know his name and understand the true power of Gusion.

2. Gusion Skill

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The next Gusion Mobile Legends guide is a skill possessed by this latest assassin. Let's check what abilities this hero has!

Dagger Specialist (Passive Skill)

Each use of skill will add runes to Gusion's dagger. After stacking 3 runes, the next basic attack will deal an additional 15% damage to the target's Health Points lost. In addition, Gusion will get Health Points recovery of 80% of the damage given.

Sword Spike (First Skill)

Gusion will throw a dagger in a specific direction and deal 200 magic damage (+ 80% Total Magic Power) points to the first target to hit it. If you use this skill again, you will move behind the target and attack the target by dealing magic damage of 200 (+ 150% Total Magic Power) points.

Shadowblade Slaughter (Second Skill)

Gusion will throw a few daggers to the front which will give magic damage of 130 (+ 60% Total Magic Power) points to the targets that hit it and slow them down for 2 seconds. If you use this skill again, the dagger will return to Gusion and deal 80 magic damage (+ 50% Total Magic Power) points to the enemies that hit it when the dagger returns to Gusion.

Incandescence (Ultimate Skill)

Gusion will run to the specified location and the cooldown for the Sword Spike and Shadowblade Slaughter skills will be refreshed. This skill can be used again after a short pause to run a short distance in a specific direction. After the cooldown for his skill returns, Gusion can cast his 5 daggers again (via the Shadowblade Slaughter skill) and summon ten scattered daggers.

In using Gusion, rely more on the combination of the first and the second skill. The ultimate skill is only used to refresh other cooldown skills. The ultimate Gusion skill you can use after you throw your dagger at the enemy through the Shadowblade Slaughter skill so you can throw the dagger back and the enemy will be hit by your 10 daggers who will be called back by Gusion.

The recommended battle spell is Retribution so that Gusion can farm quickly. Gusion attacks using magic damage so the attacks produced are certainly far more painful than other physical damage assassins.

3. Build Gusion Items

The next Gusion Mobile Legends guide is the arrangement of items or gear that is suitable for use by Gusion. This time we will discuss the arrangement of items used by Top Global from Gusion. Check the following explanation for the item arrangement!

Rapid Boots: these shoes can give you an extra walking speed of 50 points. This item is suitable for assassins, one of whom is Gusion so they can move quickly to attack or escape from an opponent.

Glowing Hand: This item gives you additional magic power of 75 points, a walking speed of 5%, and a magic penetration ability of 15 points. The uniqueness of this item is when your skill hits the opponent, the opponent will burn for 3 seconds with magic damage of 2% / 2.5% / 3% of the target's Health Points up to 10 points.

Concentrated Energy: using this item will give you additional magic power of 70 points and Health Points of 700 points. The uniqueness when you use this item is that you will get a Spell Vamp ability of 30%.

Spell Vamp can have the effect of restoring your Health Points when you use skills to target. In addition, another uniqueness is that you will get 10% Health Points regeneration after killing an enemy hero.

Lightning Truncheon: when you use this item, you will get additional magic power of 75 points and Mana regeneration of 30 points. The uniqueness that you get when using this item is that every 6 seconds, you will be able to attach a maximum of 3 enemies with 150% magic power damage.

Thunder Belt: This item will give you a few extra points, namely magic power by 25 points, Health Points by 800 points, Mana by 400 points, armor by 40 points, and Health Points regenerations by 15 points.

The uniqueness of this item is that each time you use a skill, your basic attack will then get an additional 40% of physical attack as true damage and slow down the movement of the target and surrounding enemies for 1.5 seconds. This effect can only be used once every 1.5 seconds.

Blood Wings: if you use this item, you will get a very large additional magic power that is 150 points and Health Points as 150 points. The uniqueness of this item is that you will get 2 Health Points every 1 point the magic power increases. So the more magic power you add, the more Health Points you get.

Now, after reading this Gusion Mobile Legends guide, are you interested to try it?