Here Is The Race In Chess Rush That Represent Your Zodiac!

Zodiac, who has never heard of this term. A collection of constellations that are often used to predict your luck and destiny.

Here Is The Race In Chess Rush That Represent Your Zodiac!

The zodiac itself is divided into 12 constellations depending on its position in the sky and each one will be owned by someone according to their date of birth.

These twelve constellations are Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Each constellation has its own symbol and represents a number of human traits so that it is believed that someone born within the timeframe of a constellation will have the nature represented by that constellation.

But did you know that in Chess Rush, your zodiac constellation is also represented by 12 races in this game? 

1. Aquarius - Demon


Cyborg represents Aquarius here. What does Demon have to do with the constellation of water jars? We see from the side of the nature represented by Aquarius! Someone who was born in this constellation is someone who is progressive and independent!

The demon is a race that does not need other units to bring out its unique abilities. In addition, this race also has units in Tier 2, 3, and 4 so it is suitable for you who want additional units without having to think about combos in a complex way!

2. Pisces - Oceanborn


Oceanborn will be the representative of Pisces. Coincidentally, both have the appearance of a water creature. But like Aquarius, we see from the nature of someone who was born under the auspices of the constellation Pisces that is sympathetic.

Oceanborn's ability to give Magic Resistance to all of your units besides that if you reach Combo 4 Oceanborn, they can give Magic Immunity to one of your units!

3. Aries - Furry


Aries and Furry are the right pair according to the author! The nature represented by Aries is brave and also confident.

Furry is a unit that is usually at the forefront because it has the combo effect of increasing their HP (Shield). This is why Furry is usually in the Warrior class or unit that can stay on the front lines.

4. Taurus - Dragon


The Taurus constellation is represented by one of the strongest races in the game, Dragon. This is due to the nature of Taurus that is perseverance and also spoiled just like Dragon.

You must have at least 2 units of Dragons to make them a little stronger and 3 units of Dragons to unlock the maximum potential of this race.

5. Gemini - Jelly


Jelly will represent Gemini in Chess Rush! This, of course, is in accordance with the adaptability of Gemini! Jelly, as the most unique race of all the races in Chess Rush, has the ability to complete the lack of units that want to change to the next star!

6. Cancer - Cyborg


The race that represents Cancer is Cyborg! Cyborg is a race that has a lot of functions both at the beginning and end of the game. Just like Imaginative Cancer, Cyborg is a unit that you can combine to fill your unit's shortcomings.

They can become a DPS, can become a Tank, and can also become formidable support!

7. Leo - Beast


Leo as a constellation that has the symbol of a lion actually does not symbolize courage but creativity! Beasts, as a race that has a unique effect in the game, have the ability to summon troops or minion units in the game.

This is also coupled with the combo ability of this race that can summon help units for free at the beginning of the game!

8. Virgo - Human


Human will be the representative of Virgo in Chess Rush. With the ability to change the course of the game according to how much you release the skill, it is in accordance with the nature of Virgo that is a hard worker!

Human is able to return his mana to 100 and also eliminate cooldowns from their skills with a 50% chance! With this, they can continue to issue skills and become one of the most dangerous units in the game!

9. Libra - Void


Libra will be represented by Void. As a race that is very dangerous both at the beginning of the game or at the end of the game, Void does match the nature of Libra who likes harmony.

The void can reduce the HP of 1 unit in the enemy area by 50% at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, you must have all the Void units first to be able to release the effects of this combo.

10. Scorpio - Undead


Undead, as a race that is able to reduce Armor and have many classes in it is a Zodiac Scorpio representative in Chess Rush.

Scorpio is a constellation that represents the nature of ingenuity in accordance with the Undead race which has many classes in it so that requires players to rack their brains to play it

11. Sagittarius - Elf


Sagittarius is a constellation that represents the idealistic nature to be represented by Elves in Chess Rush. The elf who is famous for DPS units and reluctance to use technology is a race that is very suitable with Sagittarius in Chess Rush.

Elves who prefer to avoid enemy attacks rather than fill in the blanks by adding 1 tank in it are also the reason why they deserve to represent the constellation bearing the arrow.

12. Capricorn - Goblin


Goblins will represent the last constellation on this list! Capricorn who represents the nature of discipline is one of the reasons why Goblins are very suitable to be representatives of this constellation in Chess Rush!

Goblin players know very well that their units cannot deal burst damage but still have a large DPS! This is because their DPS is the only Berserker that needs time to be able to play a big role.