Here's the Best Chess Rush Hero and Combo to Try

Currently, games with the Auto Battler genre are being played by gamers in the world. One of them is the Chess Rush game, which was recently released by Tencent.

Chess Rush

However, not all players are able to play this one game, because it requires a good strategy in the selection of heroes or combos.

To overcome this, on this occasion I will give you several heroes and combos that you can try to win the game easily.

Best Heroes and Combos for Early Games

At the beginning of the game, we often get dizzy about the heroes and combos that will be used. Therefore, to help you solve this problem, there are a number of recommendations that you can try for early games, including:

Bangar (Furry, Warrior)
Scourge (Demon, Rider
Ice tusk (Beast, Warrior)
Wukong (Furry, Warrior)
Totemface (Goblin, Sorcerer)

Because at the beginning of the game we are required to use two heroes, the combos that are suitable for use are 2 Furry (add shields for all Furry) or it can be 2 Beasts (add damage to all troops).

Best Heroes and Combos for Late Games

Meanwhile, when entering late game, there are several combos that can be tried, especially when entering late, automatically the maximum chess that must be used is also 10.

However, you also have to be wise when using a new combo, make sure in advance that the combo that will be used can counter enemies easily. Next is the combo.

Furry Combo

If you have 4 Furry in the match then you will get 2000 shields for the four Furry used. A very large number, even close to the original hp bar or maybe exceed.

For choices of the best Furry heroes you can try, including:


Goblin Combo

Goblin is the best choice for those of you who want to have a high attack speed. With 4 goblins in chess, it will add 35% attack speed that applies to all troops.

For the best selection of Goblin heroes you can try, including:

Voodoo Elder
Hog Rider

Demon Combo

For Demon, you are only required to choose 1 hero, because if you use more than 1 Demon hero, then the effect will not come out.

By using 1 Demon, you will get 40% attach damage. This effect is great for penetrating enemies who have high defense.

For the best selection of Demon heroes you can try, including:

The Executioner
Nether Prince
The Dovourer

Void Combo

For the Void combo effect, you could say chancy. With you having 2 Void heroes, it will randomly curse enemies by reducing 50% of the enemy hero's health.

If the hit is an enemy hero that has high dealer damage or maybe a tanky hero, it will definitely benefit you when you match.

For the best selection of Void heroes that you can try, including:

Void Destruction (a little hard to get, considering this is a Legendary hero)

Warrior Combo

Combo Warrior is arguably very good if you want to have a powerful hero in the front row, to withstand enemy attacks.

Warrior itself will be very useful if combined with Goblins or Furry, you will not only get a very tanky composition, also have a fairly large damage.

For the best choices of Warrior heroes you can try, including:

The Executioner

Assassin Combo

Assassins are one of the classes that have the highest damage, it's just that they are very squishy, ​​so it's easy to defeat.

By using a good Assassin combo, they will turn out invisible and the enemy won't be able to target them.

This effect will certainly make it easier for them to attack the enemy rearguard where most of the rearguard is filled with heroes that have high damage, such as hunters, mages and others.

For the best Assassin hero choices you can try, including:

Sword Dancer
Horned Menace

Warlock Combo

Combo Warlock itself is very simple, but very useful in the course of the game.

By using this combo, if you have 4 Warlocks, you will get a life steal of 15% - 20% for the entire army. Of course this will be very useful so that troops can last longer when fighting.

For the best Warlock hero choices you can try, including:

Nether Prince
Voodoo Elder

More or less that's some of the best heroes and combos that you can try when playing Chess Rush. Which combo do you prefer?