Hidden Location of Helicopters in the PUBG Mobile Game

We have discussed in the previous meeting, that PUBG Mobile will present a new vehicle, namely Helicopter. In the latest update, you can find a helicopter in this battle-royale game.

Hidden Location of Helicopters in the PUBG Mobile Game

Wonder where can you find the Helicopter? Let's just see the hidden place Helicopter in the PUBG Mobile game below.


The first location to find this helicopter is in Pochinki. It is located at the end of the city right on the border between the city and rice fields.


Still, in the same map as Pochinki, you can find a helicopter in the northern part of the map, precisely near the city of Severny in PUBG Mobile. You can find it at the T-junction right at the end of the city.

Campo Militar

Located in the Miramar Map, you can find the helicopter at the top right end of the map, near Campo Militar precisely close to the green warehouses.

Temple Near Camp Alpha

There is a hill where the peak is the temples, right on Camp Alpha, on the Sanhook PUBG Mobile map. You can find a helicopter behind the temple in the middle position.


The final location to find a helicopter in PUBG Mobile is on the Vikendi map, if you look at the map there is a town or village called Cosmodrome in the north. Right on the open ground at the northern end of the Cosmodrome, you can find a helicopter in the middle of the grass.

Now that's a hidden location where you can find helicopters in the PUBG Mobile battle-royale game. But it is not yet known what the function of the helicopter is because it cannot be done by the players, it can only be seen.

This is reasonable because indeed the update to be able to drive a helicopter is still valid in China. Hopefully, the next update for PUBG Mobile can be mounted or run by the player for war. Continue to follow our review to get content or other exciting game info.