How to Combine Lylia Skills in the Right Mobile Legends!

Some time ago, Moonton as Mobile Legends game developer has launched a new hero from role mage. The hero uses the name Lylia, who immediately becomes a pick subscription in the game.

How to Combine Lylia Skills in the Right Mobile Legends!

How to use Lylia's Combo Skill in Mobile Legends

Even though his posture is small like Nana's, never once underestimate this one Mobile Legends hero. Aside from having painful damage, Lylia's ultimate skill allows her to run away and make her blood full again.

Lylia's Magical Damage is indeed very ill, and even the hero tanks in Mobile Legends are a little horrified when dealing directly with Lylia, especially if she is not alone.

Even so, it's not an easy matter to use this new Mobile Legends hero. The reason is needed timing and the use of the right combo so that later Lylia's trap can hit the opponent and kill him.

Now on this occasion, we want to discuss the true Lylia combo skill to all of you. By understanding the technique, the Mobile Legends hero will make the OP worse.

Place skill 2 first where you want, free where you want to put it

After that point skill 1 to the trap of skill 2 that you put earlier, this way will produce a very poignant explosion

Use skill 2 again into the area you marked earlier after it explodes

The skill 2 will automatically explode immediately, and if necessary use skill 1 again to provoke the explosion

And if you are pressed, use the ultimate skill to escape or exit the war and reload your full skill 2 again.

If you use Lylia, be careful when fighting Mobile Legends heroes with dash abilities like Guinevere, Helcurt, and Chou. Oh yeah, don't forget to buy Ice Queen Wand items to make it easier for you to chase your opponent later.