How to Improve IQ

How to improve IQ is a question that many people ask themselves. Your intelligence quotient is your IQ, but your IQ does not determine your intelligence. IQ is just one way to measure a person's ability to solve problems and is biased towards those who learn visually or audibly. Persons who are interpersonal, interpersonal, kinesthetic, or olfactory learners will not perform well with IQ measurements. There are things you can do to improve your IQ score.

How to Improve IQ

Reading promotes the ability of the mind to understand and promote critical thinking. Expand your field of vision by reading books you have never read. Reading various genres increases productivity. Read magazines, newspapers, magazines, and books.

Ignore the idea that you are too old to learn. Patience is rewarded when IQ increases by 10 points.

Try to write it as a non-dominant brain movement. Writing with the other hand theoretically stimulates the other side of the brain as a hand. And remember to write as much as possible. Send notes in writing instead of email. Write the report design on paper. Writing enhances visual and kinesthetic stimulation.

Play video games, especially games that are not the usual choices. Play problem-solving games and get them to think quickly. Tetris is an example of a game that has been shown to improve brain efficiency. If a player plays Tetris well, the brain doesn't need much glucose. This is the main fuel for your body!

We will work on solving the encryption problem. Encryption is a message written in code, and trying to decode the code can be challenging and fun, helping to stimulate the brain and improve IQ. Crossword puzzles and sudoku are other brain-stimulating activities that affect the thinking process. Work on logic and cross puzzles to help the brain think outside the box by solving problems in other ways.

Listening to music and the Mozart effect is thought to improve performance in short-term tasks and provide long-term improvements.

Eat fish, fish are considered brain food. Tuna has a high mercury content and should be avoided. You can also try fish oil supplements and omega 3 to improve your IQ. Sport promotes blood circulation in the brain and improves memory and thinking. Sleep is the way the brain transmits short-term memory to long-term memory.

Perform weekly IQ tests and record the results. Keep track of improvements. Find out which method is useful. Reading, training, and continuing to solve puzzles is improving IQ.

Sometimes you read something and it can completely change your life. Don't have an unhappy day. You can change your life forever. Try not to lose your peace, joy and happiness on another day.a