How to Motivate Kids to Learn in 9 Interesting Games

Not all video games are bad for kids. There will be research and discussion on the negative effects of video games on infants' mental health. However, some schools and educators recommend using these games to improve children's learning.

How to Motivate Kids to Learn in 9 Interesting Games

Here are nine fun games and online resources that will motivate your child to learn.

Alphabet soup-a game where children can learn spelling. It consists of a bowl of alphabet soup from which children can catch letters and make words. Various levels are available to raise interest and challenge children from 2nd to 5th grade.

Count-Pre-K game in the cloud is designed to teach kids how to count. There are funny pictures with sounds to increase the willingness of children to participate.

Critter Jumble-This is another fun spell game that will help you improve your skills. Children have to move letters in chronological order to find the correct word.

Vegetrons Game-This is a language game that is used to increase children's vocabulary and motivate learning. This encourages children to learn the meaning of the word.

Where is Carmen San Diego in the world? -This game helps geography. It's one of the few games that has helped raise many elementary school students and made geography exciting again. This game is an interactive task perfect for 5th and 6th-grade kids.

Ancestral hunting-In this interactive game, children must learn about human evolution and find ancestors' relics. This is a great archeology game that will motivate you to collect and research information about their "discovery".

Treasure Cave-Another fun game that motivates your kids to learn geography. The goal of the game is to find treasures. To find treasures, children need to answer geographical questions and find clues.

Who wants to become Mathonaire? -Is this title familiar? It is based on the popular video game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” The only question is about mathematics. Animation show presenters are very interesting and kids like how math problems are presented as difficulty increases. This is a great game if you want to motivate to study topics that most kids don't like.

Most kids familiar with Piggy Bank-Game Tetris will find this game very exciting. Instead of bricks and similar objects, you need to be able to determine the number of columns and eliminate them. If your child can't, the column will fill up.

Education sites make it easier to find games that motivate children to learn. is one of the websites that offers interactive online games. These games are categorized by type so you can easily select the games you want your kids to try. Topics include vocabulary, mathematics, history, health, and science. is another great website that offers interactive online games. Clicking on the learning game link will redirect you to a page where you can motivate students to study topics such as literature, economics, physiology, chemistry, and physics. The game is simple but very effective. Playing them is also fun. You will be surprised that even adults are addictive.