How to Raise IQ with 5 Simple Tips

If you have a painful task at school or at work, you might be wondering how to raise your IQ to accomplish the task. Some people are endowed with excellent intelligence at birth, while others work overtime.

How to Raise IQ with 5 Simple Tips

There are several ways to raise IQ. Read more for more details.

Tip 1: Concentrate.

Many people are distracted by small things. But in fact, we know what is distracting. I just don't want to break up with them.

Increasing concentration increases your mentality and improves your IQ. First, you need an environment that can absorb information more efficiently without distractions.

Tip 2: Stimulate the brain.

Using the game can increase your brainpower. As you know, your mind works like a machine. If it is not used, it will eventually deteriorate and the efficiency will decrease. Sometimes the mind gets used to a particular routine and slows down.

Keeping your mind at its best by constantly challenging with new puzzles and games. Chess and Sudoku are two of the best mind games, dealing with a spiritual strategy to win or quit the game.

If the above game is "smart" or has little free time, we recommend playing Tetris. Tetris is fun but it stimulates the brain. The higher the level, the faster the block falls and the logical decisions need to be made quickly.

Tip 3: Eat brain food.

Here's how to improve your IQ in a fun way by eating brain food: No, I'm not talking about drugs that improve brain performance.

What I want to say is a natural food that has been proven to have the same effect. Nuts and seeds are a good starting point if they are not allergic to them. Blueberries, whole grain products, broccoli, beef fed grass, and raisins can also help improve intelligence.

Also, avoid eating large amounts of sugar.

Tip 4: Think for yourself.

If a problem occurs, do not find a simple solution. Do not rely on others to find a solution.

I know it's attractive enough to make colleagues and group members think about game boards. However, if you really want to increase your IQ, consider a better solution to solve the problem yourself.

Tip 5: Read a book.

Another effective way to increase IQ is to read a book. The book is a source of timeless information (and entertainment). Reading books is not only fun, but it also increases your vocabulary when you encounter new words. They provide new information that you can feed.

These are several ways to raise your IQ level. By following them, you can see how your intelligence improves, so you can perform better in situations that challenge your brain.