How to Use Combo Skill X-Borg in the Mobile Legends Game!

Mobile Legends is now one of the most popular mobile games and is played by many people in various parts of the world. In this MOBA game, there are a lot of heroes to choose from, starting from the Marksman hero, Tank to Fighter.

X.Borg is one of them. X.Borg himself is one of the most feared Fighter heroes in the Mobile Legends game. Not without reason, this hero can be said to be an overpowered hero (OP).

Great damage and high endurance make X.Borg are very disturbing in a team fight. However, to be like that you need to know how to use the X.Borg combo skill.

Combo Skill X.Borg

Use skill 2 the first time to attract your opponent to be able to get close to X.Borg.
Then use skill 1 to burn your opponent to get a true damage burst
Use the ultimate skill when the opponent's HP has been reduced quite a lot
Finishing using skill 1 and skill 1 again.

In addition to using the X.Borg skill, players must also pay attention to things you know. Yes one of them is timing the use of X.Borg's ultimate skill. This ultimate skill from Mobile Legends hero fighter does indeed have very painful damage.

However, if a player is timed in using the ultimate skill, this hero will actually have fatal consequences, you know.

Not only that, but X.Borg players must also always pay attention to the energy bar that is owned by X.Borg. if you don't pay attention to the energy bar of X.Borg, it will be hard for you to be able to join the team fight.

And the last thing to remember is skill control 1 and skill 2 which are also very important in energy in gathering X.Borg energy.

Now that's the way to use the combo skill from X.Borg and important things that must always be considered by XBorg players so that this hero can work optimally in the Mobile Legends game.