Latest Free Fire 2019 Update, Let's See Anything!

To pamper the players, every game developer will definitely do the latest updates or updates. In the latest update of a game, will definitely experience changes or additions to the latest items and appearance. 

Area Graveyard Free Fire

This time, good news came for fans of the Free Fire game. In 2019, Garena will give a different atmosphere to the latest update of the Free Fire game.

Latest Free Fire Update 2019

Garena Free Fire now presents a variety of new features in the January 2019 patch update. In this update, you will see a different look in the main menu of the Free Fire game. Garena also added a new area on the Bermuda Map, named Graveyard. Not only that, but the latest Free Fire update also presents the latest characters, pets, and weapons. Curious about what's the latest thing? Check out the information below!

Graveyard Area Map

There is a little additional area in the Bermuda Map on the latest Free Fire update this time. Previously Garena Free Fire also added a Clock Tower on the Bermuda Map. This time the Graveyard area was added to the Bermuda Map. This new area is located near the Ranch and is at the foot of the hill on the map. In this arena, you can find several cemeteries and a large house that has many rooms. Certainly, the players who descend in this area will immediately be confused if they enter the big house.

Moco character

In this latest Free Fire update, Garena also added a new character named Moco. Moco is a hacker with the ability to track opponents for some time after he shoots the enemy. Enemies shot by him will get a mark on his head and will be seen on the map by players who use this character. That ability makes Moco a profitable character to use.

AN94 Weapon

There are 2 new weapons added in the latest Free Fire update, namely AN94 and Healing Gun. AN94 weapon is a type of assault rifle that has a medium level firing range to a distant level.

However, the fire rate possessed by this weapon is not as fast as other assault rifle weapons, such as SCAR and AK-47. However, AN94 weapons have higher damage than both of them. This weapon is recommended for you to use in medium and long-range combat.

Treatment Gun

Besides AN94, the Treatment Gun also appears as a newcomer weapon in the latest Free Fire update. But the Treatment Gun functions as a healing tool in duo or squad game modes. This weapon allows you to help your teammates who are out of blood or HP, just like a medkit, but the advantage is that you can heal your teammates by firing these weapons, ranging from close range to intermediate.

Pet System

The latest Free Fire update also features the Pet System Feature. The Pet system feature is a cute animal that will follow the player to play while accompanied by a pet cat. You can increase the level of pet you have to open new skins and emotes that can be used by the pet.