Latest PUBG Mobile Update Can Turn On A Teammate Who Died?

Some time ago we discussed if Tencent plans to present a new mode in his PUBG Mobile game. The new mode called Payload was released along with the emergence of weapons and new vehicles.

Patch update 0.15.0 is also said to be coming soon with a beta version for the Android and iOS platforms. So what's new in the PUBG Mobile patch version 0.15.0?

As reported by the Dotesport page, where the latest PUBG Mobile will come with a new mode of Payload, new weapons, and new vehicles. Meanwhile, there is a cool update where they bring a brand-new feature called Recall.

This Recall feature will later be used in PUBG Mobile Payload mode, which allows players to revive their teammates who have been eliminated previously.

For the system works, in this PUBG Mobile Payload mode, the eliminated players will leave an ID Card which can later be taken by another teammate. You are required to wait about 120 seconds (2 minutes) to wait after your colleagues have been eliminated to take the ID card they left in their loot.

After that, you will be asked to go to a location called ‘communication towers’ to revive your colleague who was eliminated earlier. This way, the duration of the new PUBG Mobile mode will be even longer if you succeed in bringing your teammates to life.

Then for the additional weapons given in the PUBG Mobile game later will be M3E1 (Missile launcher), M79 (grenade launcher), RPG-7 (short-barreled grenade launcher), and MGL (grenade launcher).

As for the new vehicles that will be presented in the PUBG Mobile will be Helicopters and BRDM-2, a kind of combat vehicle that has very high armor. In addition, there are still a number of other updates that are ready to spoil you later.