List of Hero Fighter Overpower in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular games in Southeast Asia.
In less than five years, the number of players is more than 70 million active players.

List of Hero Fighter Overpower in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, there are several Role Classes that you definitely know, namely Fighter, Mage, Support, Assasins and Tanks. Yes, each hero class has different advantages and disadvantages.

Well, on this occasion, Skyegrid Media will discuss four Fighter class heroes that can be considered Over Power (OP).

The following is a list of Fighter overpower heroes in Mobile Legends. Come, see below:

1. Thamuz

This hero with a monster-like formation turned out to be one of the OP Fighter with terrible Lifesteal abilities from every skill he had.

Each of his skills even his passive skills have extraordinary abilities. With the combination of Haa’s Claw alone, you can get incredible extra HP.

Each of his skills also has the additional effect of Attack Speed ​​and is very powerful when doing Team Fight.

Many pro players use this Hero as the key to winning the tournament. One of them is Onic. Anti Mage is even able to fight three heroes at once using only Thamuz.

2. Terizla

This hero, armed with a large hammer with a black-green aura, is one of the fighters who have physical and magical endurance that is above average compared to other fighters.

Even though it is slow, the damage produced will be very terrible and can destroy core heroes such as Tank with only the ultimate combo.

In addition, his Penalty Zone (Ultimate) is also able to bind the enemy for 1.5 seconds, so they cannot escape from it. The use of Immortal and Bloodlust Ax will make Terizla resilient even in the gang by five heroes though. How terrible!

3. Leomord

Many of these hero users are negligent and always die in the early game, due to carelessness in its positioning. Even though the effect of the Passive itself will produce Burst Damage if the opponent's Hero has less than 40% HP.

Leomord optimization is a combination with Barbie which changes the damage to a more painful, but with a very limited duration.

You can outsmart it by using Item Magic Fleeting Time which will reduce Cool Down Ultimate by 50% and ultimate spam when it does Assist or Kill.

Also, do not forget to immerse Athena Shield in Leomord will make it able to do Diving in the Tower to bulldoze the opponent's hero hiding in it.

4. Bane

Many are disappointed after the rework of this octopus-shaped hero because it is considered to reduce the damage caused by it. Though it is fatal and a very wrong assumption.

Only Bane was able to bulldoze the Tower with his Deadly Catch with great damage.

In addition, the Buff generated Rum (skill 2 of his) is also able to make Bane run fast for two seconds and deal Burst damage when it hits the opponent.

Use Malefic Roar to quickly destroy turrets and defense tankers. Don't forget to be an Off Laner if you use this Hero, guys.

That's the list of Fighter overpower heroes in Mobile Legends.