List of Hero Mobile Legends that can be Buffed in Patch 1.4.16

Moonton did a large-scale patch on Mobile Legends on September 17, 2019. In patch 1.4.16 it gave Buff to several old Mobile Legends heroes and revamped the fire controller Valir.

List of Hero Mobile Legends that can be Buffed in Patch 1.4.16

Of course, this patch raises the pros and cons because it is considered not to have a large influence both on the skills and abilities of the heroes that Buff gives.

This time I have summarized several Mobile Legends heroes who get Buff on this patch. Curious about who? Come see below, guys

1. Lancelot

In the first line of heroes who got Buff this time was Odette's lover, namely Lancelot who came from the Role Assasins Class.

Buff on Lancelot received quite positive responses from Lancelot users.

The Buff that Moonton gives to this handsome hero is the increase in HP Growth which is the basic attribute of the status possessed by this hero. The increase in cell phone counted from 133 to 147.

2. Helcurt

It seems that Moonton wants to restore the glory of Meta Assasins to this patch by giving Buff to Helcurt.

The hero who was nicknamed the all Meta counter received Buff in the form of an increase in Silence lag time which had only lasted 0.8 seconds and now returned to 1.5 seconds as before.

In addition, his Deadly Poisoned Stringer (skill 2) also gained an increase in damage from 200 to 250 in the early game. Surely this is enough to relieve Helcurt users who had run away after the extraordinary Nerf.

3. Esmeralda

The hero who is a subscriber to pro players both in the tournament and rank mode seems to have also experienced an increase or buff on the patch this time after he first plagued nerf after its release a few months ago.

The increase or Buff received by Esmeralda is that the shield produced by his Frostmoon Shield changes from 350-650 (+ 100% Total Magic Power) to 350-750 (+ 150% Total Magic Power).

Even though it doesn't look significant enough, this Buff, in fact, has an important role to play for Esmeralda's defense in defending his opponent. Wow, congratulations Esmeralda.

4. Cyclops

This is one of the heroes who is considered a senior in Mobile Legends, because of its long-standing appearance and it is very rare for a player who uses Cyclops to make Moonton finally give a good Buff to him.

The buff that Cyclops got on Patch this time was the increase in damage from his Stardust Shock from 220 to 245 at the beginning of the game.

Not yet finished, Moonton also buffed on his 2 Planet Attacks skills, which used to only have a Spell Vamp effect of 50%, and are now completely revamped to 100%.

Surely it would be terrible if combined with Concentrated Energy, guys. Hopefully Cyclops will be sold out again after this patch.

5. Alpha

The hero who began to be excluded after the release of new meta Fighter like Leomord, Martis to Terizla, it seems that Moonton wants to be returned as Meta back by Buffing him.

Buff obtained by Alpha is an increase in damage given by Beta (Alpha drone) rose to 90% Extra Physical ATK from before which was only 40% Extra Physical ATK.

Of course, this will make Alpha become fierce from the early game. Hopefully Alpha can compete with other Fighter after this buff.

6. Gord

It seems that on this patch Moonton wants to give back the throne and glory of old heroes to compete with the newly released mage heroes such as Lilya, Esmeralda, Guinevere, and others.

This Arcane magic mage gets Buff in the form of a slow effect on the enemy after being stunned from 50% to 60% which certainly will make Gord more flexible in using his Ultimate to prevent opponents from escaping.

Besides it, another Buff is the efficiency of using Mana through skill 2 which now only consumes Mana by 30.

7. Vale

The wind ruler hero who is also a small friend of the hero Valir also seems to have increased Buff alias for his abilities and skills.

Even though this hero is rarely used, many players don't realize the great potential of him with the terrible Burst Damage from his combination of skills.
Vale's increase or Buff is maximizing damage caused through his WindBlow skill. The damage calculation has increased from the Basic Damage from 360 at the initial level to 410. It doesn't seem very significant.