List of Legacy Heroes Affected by Buff in Patch 1.4.16

Moonton made a large-scale patch on Mobile Legends on September 17, 2019. In patch 1.4.16 this gives Buff to some older heroes in Mobile Legends.

 List of Legacy Heroes Affected by Buff in Patch 1.4.16

Of course, this patch raises the pros and cons, because it is considered not to have a large influence both on the skills and abilities of the heroes that Buff gives.

Well, who are the old heroes who got Buff on Patch 1.4.16 Mobile Legends? Come, see below.

1. Gord

This Arcane magic mage gets Buff in the form of a slow effect on the enemy after being stunned from 50% to 60% which certainly will make Gord more flexible in using his Ultimate to prevent opponents from escaping.

Not only that, another Buff is the efficient use of Mana through his 2 skills which now only consumes Mana by 30.

2. Alpha

Buff obtained by Alpha is an increase in damage given by Beta (Alpha drone) rose to 90% Extra Physical ATK from before which was only 40% Extra Physical ATK.

Of course, this will make Alpha become fierce from the early game.

3. Cyclops

The Buffops that Cyclops got on the patch this time is the increase in damage from his Stardust Shock from 220 to 245 at the beginning of the game.

In addition, Moonton also buffed on his 2 Planet Attacks skills, which used to only have a Spell Vamp effect of 50%, and are now completely revamped to 100%.

Well, that's a list of legacy heroes that Buff got hit. So the more GG