List of the Most Deadly Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends there are many heroes who have unique abilities. Well, this time I will discuss the hero who has the role of protecting team members. Yep, he's a Tank hero.

List of the Most Deadly Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends

The following list of deadly Tank heroes in Mobile Legends who have the excellent ability, both in terms of defense, Crowd Control, and able to carry the team to victory.

1. Minotaur

The first choice fell to the half-bull-shaped human hero with the form of the fierce, Minotaur. He can be a choice because of his abilities and skills that are able to fill the blood of themselves and team members.

In addition, Minoan Fury is able to give Crowd Control to 5 opponents while allowing the Minotaur to easily destroy enemy defenses.

Minotaur also does not depend on Mana, so he can freely roam and help friends who are pushing Turrets.

Make sure your Rage is fully loaded before doing Minoan Fury to get maximum results in the form of excellent Knocked Up / Stun. Don't forget to use Motivation Roar to replenish your cellphone and teammates.

2. Johnson

Who is not upset with this one hero? A hero who can turn into a car and crash into an opposing hero to get this annoying Stun is one of the tankers that many Mobile Legends players rely on.

Strong physical endurance and the duration of the Stun being able to hit 5 heroes at once will make the opposing team dizzy seven around.

Not to mention, the Passive ability in the form of an Electro Airbag that is able to provide a protective shield and Immunity for 4 seconds if his HP is less than 30% can certainly make Johnson run away quickly after crashing himself.

When using Johnson, make sure your team's Core Hero goes up when he crashes to do Team Fight effectively

3. Franco

A hero is a fat man with the following terrible Crowd Control effect on Franco. Even though his magical endurance was rather weak, Franco was able to outsmart it with skill 2 which was able to give an opponent a slow effect of 70% for 2 seconds.

Not only that, his Skill 1, which is widely dubbed the Hook of Death, is very good for kidnapping enemy Damage Dealers who mostly come from Assasins and Marksman.

To optimize Franco, you can at least have to reach level 4 to lock enemies with his Ultimate.

In addition, often practice using the 1 + flicker skill to the rear to drag directly to the turret. Get used to aiming Hook in the direction of the enemy.

4. Khufra

This one tank is one of the Banned Hero subscriptions to Tier Legends - Mithycal Glorious, because of its skillset that is capable of providing incredible initiation and Crowd Control effects from passive to Ultimate.

The advantage is being able to provide stuns from his Tyrant’s Revenge and Tyrant’s Rage skills. In addition, CC Blocking and damage to the team can be covered with his Bounce Ball skill 2.

For optimization, don't use Khufra skills randomly and make sure the Core Hero cover the team. Timing is the key to using Khufra to maximize Crowd Control during Team Fight. Practice your skills and skill combinations during Team Fight, guys.