Lore Esmeralda Mobile Legends, Gipsy Girl with Stealing Shield Capability!

Esmeralda is a Tank hero who has just released in Mobile Legends, his unique ability to steal shields from enemy heroes around him makes him a Tank and at the same time initiates attacks.

Lore Esmeralda Mobile Legends, Gipsy Girl with Stealing Shield Capability!

This exotic woman is actually an Astrologer, who in her daily life is spent observing the vast sky full of mystery. Esmeralda also has the expertise to be able to predict all events in the world, both the results and the process.

It's not easy to be an Astrologer, it seems, people who want to become an Astrologer have to go through various tests to be able to pass. This test will find out how far a person wants to become an Astrologer and his abilities, of course.

After going through various processes, the elders finally chose Esmeralda, a young girl from the Western Desert to become an Astrologer in the Land of Dawn! His first assignment was to look after the Starmoon Casket which was passed on from generation to generation.

Hoping to open it someday and gain strength from the past, Esmeralda went to Minos Labyrinth to learn the secrets of Starmoon Casket. Unfortunately in his quest to get there, but the ground shook and the expanse of the desert fell apart with the sudden appearance of a black sandstorm.

Unexpectedly, the Starmoon Casket opened and magical power flowed into Esmeralda's body from inside the object. Inside the protection of that magical power, Esmeralda felt there was a spinning memory.

He felt the Starmoon Casket call out to him, warning that the vicious tyrant Khufra of the Western Desert of the past had appeared. And following the direction of the Starmoon Casket, Esmeralda changed the direction of his journey to a deeper desert, where there was a forgotten ancient city there.

There are two strengths of the Starmoon Casket that surrounds Esmeralda's body, namely Frostmoon which is full of magic, and Stardust which gives strength. Esmeralda was very impressed with the power in the Starmoon Casket and realized that all of that was originally only in the stories.

When Esmeralda was approaching the ancient city, he felt there was an unknown love story between Khufra and one of the Astrologers. After further study, Esmeralda also felt sad and regretful about the forbidden love story.

Even so, he could not forget his mission to reseal Khufra, and bring peace in the Western Desert.