Mechanism of Brain Training Game to Improve Cognitive Ability

As parents, many of us are not so keen on children playing games, especially video games. They prefer to go out and play with mud because it leads to a healthy physical, social, emotional and mental development. They are partially correct, but it is not correct to call all video games bad. Many of the video games currently on the market that can be downloaded to PCs and smartphones are designed as brain training games.

Mechanism of Brain Training Game to Improve Cognitive Ability

They have proven to be very helpful for children with learning disabilities as they help develop and improve a variety of cognitive skills.


When your child plays a video game, it's more than just staring at the computer screen. The action on the screen provides many mental stimuli that the player must react to. Establish visual, auditory, and motor coordination patterns. Players automatically try to match hand movements to what they see and hear.

Brain speed

Playback requires a lot of visual or acoustic input. Research shows that people who play video games often can process input material faster than others. This occurs because the signals recorded by the senses involved stimulate the brain and keep it moving. It explains that without such stimulation in the brain, it leads to degenerative changes (brain atrophy), and the speed of the brain decreases with age. This further reduces memory.

Logical thinking and problem solving

Most video games, especially puzzle games and strategy games, have time limits. You must complete certain tasks at a certain time or a limited number of moves. This allows players to think strategically and logically to solve the problem at hand. He doesn't just think. He has to think quickly and that makes a difference. He can bring these skills further into his daily life. For games like Sudoku, you have to make a logical guess, but Tetris is about pattern recognition.


Shortening the attention span is another important issue today. It is difficult to concentrate on something for more than 2 minutes. Video games, particularly action video games, pay attention and focus over a long period of time to achieve a specific goal. Such practices can help to rewire the brain and increase attention in the long run.


Video games as brain training games can greatly improve memory. This includes both visual and auditory memory, as well as short and long-term memory. You may wonder how. It is a form of memorizing instructions and keyboard shortcuts necessary to move your character and so on.

Therefore, online games and video games provide the brain with the necessary training. However, not all games have the same brain benefits. So you need to make sure that you are playing the right one.

Brainy is a new Attention Reflection game that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The concept is very simple, but it has two advantages. It promises hours of joy and a healthier mind and brain to improve memory, attention, intelligence and promote skills such as pattern recognition, thinking and problem-solving.