Minecraft Adds Character Creator Features in the Latest Updates

The latest Minecraft update adds the character creator feature to the game.

Minecraft Adds Character Creator Features in the Latest Updates 

After years of only using skin with the same model, players can finally change their body type, add hairstyles, even wear accessories.

Reported by Polygon, notes for patch announcing the character creator feature available now for beta testers.

This update allows players to change their character according to their own wishes. Player characters can even have mermaid tails.


Players can also change the height of their characters. However, most accessories will most likely have to be purchased first.

For players who still want to use traditional skins, they can still do it. Players only need to open a profile and edit characters as they wish. The character creator feature will add many new options to play.

This Minecraft update will be available for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android for now, and will be launched for other platforms after the beta ends.