Mistake Using Mage in Mobile Legends That Makes Enemies Enchanted!

Still, like making mistakes using Mage on Mobile Legends? That means you don't know how magical the effects of the mistakes you made are.!
The definite effect of using the Mage itself is to make the enemy hero stronger and to make the atmosphere in the team worse.

Mistake Using Mage in Mobile Legends That Makes Enemies Enchanted!

Not everyone can replace the powerful Mage hero in the mid lane, and the typical magician with a long hat is still the strongest in the Land of Dawn. Especially if you use the latest Harley build in 2019.

If these events often occur to you when using a Mage hero in Mobile Legends. That means you are one of the low skill Mage players who force to use the hero burst damage.

So what are the mistakes using the Mage hero that can make you look as a source of gold? Here are the tricks or tricks that are often performed by these Mage hero players.

1. Build Items Are Not Sequential

Mistakes using this Mage often occur in novice players, sometimes they do not pay attention to the usefulness of the magic item that was bought.

Usually, they just buy items according to what has been provided by the system, even though the Mage hero now has several stages in buying weapons to strengthen these abilities.

There is a stage where the player must buy damage or magic penetration items first and then reduce cooldown, and there are also opposite heroes such as Valir or Vexana.

2. Lane Determining Position

Actually, this is not just a mistake to use Mage, but everyone needs to know that there are two types of Mage heroes based on the lane up at the start.

First is the position of the Mage AOE who must be in the upper or lower lane along with the Tank or Fighter, Mage heroes who have the ability to damage the area need to be accompanied and cannot be alone.

While Mage Mobility positions can fill positions in Midlane or solo in Top lane. Hero Mage who can fill this position has the ability to quickly spend Minions and has high mobility abilities.

Mage's position in Midlane certainly has a different SOP for work with Marksman!

This Hero Mage must quickly level up to get the ultimate skill then continue to gank to defeat other heroes in lane quickly and return to Midlane.

3. Poor Timing Ability

Mistakes in using Mage in Mobile Legends that often occur is not paying attention to the use of skills when needed. Usually these players as long as using skills and in a hurry.

Because this role hero is very dependent on the ability he has, especially once a combination can destroy the enemy formation when fighting.

Do not until later when the team fight occurs, your hero skills are in cooldown. Because what's the use of a Mage if it doesn't release any skills at all.

4. Weighted Tanker

The mistake to use the most magical Mage is that this player is often off-side and in front of the formation, except Alice!

As we know, this Mage hero has low defense and soft like jelly. Once stunned, you're finished with your life.

5. Fun alone

Even lazier if we see the behavior of Mage players who like to walk alone in the lane in the mid to late game.

Such a person is looking for things and soft food for enemy heroes. As much as possible you are with another hero if the time is towards late game.