Mistakes Using Hero Assassin Mobile Legends That Make AFK Friends!

Are you sure you are an Assassin hero player in Mobile Legends? But rarely win especially MVP in each match. Maybe you like making mistakes using the Assassin hero.

Mistakes Using Hero Assassin Mobile Legends That Make AFK Friends!

One thing that is sure to be a sign that you are not an Assassin hero player is the average kill that you get under 5 points. Not an Assassin player if you get a kill is very difficult for you!

Are you a Fighter hero player in Mobile Legends? But love to lose and never get a lot of wins or Maniac in playing? Maybe you like making mistakes in playing the hero Fighter.

So what are the mistakes of using Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends? Here are the sins that are often committed by these Assassin hero players.

1. Not Focusing on Hero Skills

The mistake to use an Assassin hero that is often done is not to focus on the type and abilities possessed by the Assassin hero you are playing.

There are many Assassin heroes that you can play on Mobile Legends, but there are two types that make them different, they are Assassin-Physical and Assassin-Magical types.

These two types are very different in their use. Starting from building items, emblems, to utilizing capabilities.

Don't use Assassin-Magical heroes as a thump hero, using effective skills is the key to the success of this type.

2. Farming Too Long

For mistakes using the Assassin hero that is often done is the length of the player in farming. Especially if this is done in ranked mode, your teammates will guarantee a lot of pouts!

However, many Assassin players are busy with farming until they forget to gank and defeat enemy heroes. This mistake was fatal in ranked mode and proved to be hopeless.

3. Do not attack the tower

The mistake of using another Assassin hero is rarely to destroy a tower or push the lane, because in his mind only gets a kill and collect as much gold.

Even though this Assassin hero is so fast in pushing that he can touch the last line tower in an instant. For those of you who don't know, doing push lane earns more gold and experience than having to go jungle in meta now.

4. Don't Know Timing

Because you have the desire to defeat an enemy hero, you have the desire to be able to get kill points. Until you do not pay attention to skills and items that are not sufficient to be able to get it.

Not to mention you like the origin of jumping into team battles, instead of getting a kill your hero even lost first. Even worse your hero can not be stronger, because often bullied by the enemy team by inviting team fight constantly!

5. Emotions

Now, this is the mistake of using the most addictive Assassin hero, usually, this is often seen when playing solo ranked. I was so emotional, this player lust to defeat enemy heroes and often caught in a bush trap.

Instead of learning from these mistakes, these types of players still make those mistakes. Until finally blamed other players and destroyed teamwork successfully, which resulted in auto surrender!