(Mobile Legends) 5 of the Best Mid Lane Heroes

Maintaining a mid lane position in a Mobile Legends match is indeed a tough task. Because the part is the closest distance to our base. In order to guard properly, you must choose a Hero who has a long-range attack.

(Mobile Legends) 5 of the Best Mid Lane Heroes

The player is happy to give us a list of Hero mid lane choices. Let's see the explanation below!

1. Lunox

This Hero Mage is indeed a favorite for competitive or Ranking matches. Lunox has also been the strongest Hero Mage in Mobile legends thanks to his unique skills that can be of two types, namely darkness and light.

Behind her beautiful appearance, Lunox kept a large amount of damage which made it a cold-blooded killing machine. This Mobile Legends Hero is also very troublesome for his opponents because he has a lot of skills to escape.

"Lunox is a powerful Hero mage because the damage is very large. He is also equipped with skills that make it easy to escape, "

2. Esmeralda

Having an elegant face like a princess, this Hero will not hesitate to kill anyone who is nearby. Mage / Tank role heroes also have high mobility so it is very difficult to capture.

The only skill called Frostmoon Shield can absorb shields to increase his HP. In addition, this skill can also accelerate the movement of the Hero. This can make it difficult for his enemy because it is difficult to kill Esmeralda.

"This hero can make it difficult for his enemy with the one skill he has. This skill can absorb the enemy's shield and turn into HP, "

3. Valir

Valir is not like the two heroes above who are fighting over every game in Mobile Legends. Early appearance, Valir instead rarely become the choice of the players. Along with the latest Mobile Legends update, this Hero gets a revamp that makes it even more OP.

Don't be surprised if you now often see this Hero in every game. Miracle also chose the fire controller into the ranks of her favorite heroes. Not infrequently this strengthening player wins every game.

"After being revamped, Valir became one of the Hero choices that I used at Midlane. Every time I use this Hero, I always win in matches, "

4. Harith

Entering the ranks of the Hero who has the highest win rate in the MPL Season 3 event, Harith is a very influential Hero in every game. Behind his adorable figure, superciliary damage is dealt with by one of these Hero Mages.

Not only the damage, but Harith is also a hero who is very annoying because of his agility. Not to mention the shield generated from skill 2. Guaranteed your enemy will be overwhelmed by this cat-human.

If you watch the MPL Season 4 title, this Hero is also often a banned subscription. Despite being nerfed several times, Harith is still overpowered (OP).

"I chose this Hero because he has been nerfing several times, but this Hero is still OP,"

5. Chang'e

Indeed there are many Mobile Legends that have a cute and adorable look, one of which is Chang'e. Behind her cute figure, this Hero is ready to kill anyone who is nearby.

This Hero's speed in farming makes him able to steal his opponent's buff. Not only that, the ultinya can shoot dozens of stars to his opponent while moving.

"Chang'e can farm quickly, in the third minute usually the enemy buff is visible. Don't be afraid to steal the enemy's buff, "