(Mobile Legends) Explanation of the New Battle Spell in Patch Update 1.4.14

During this time, Moonton is famous for diligently modifying old heroes in Mobile Legends. The move aims to make the Hero be able to compete with new heroes who are usually OP when released.

(Mobile Legends) Explanation of the New Battle Spell in Patch Update 1.4.14

However, this Chinese developer not only likes to modify the Hero. Apparently, they also like fiddling with the "fourth" skill, aka Battle Spell.

Well, the modification was presented by Moonton through the new Battle Spell which was released on patch 1.4.14. It should be noted, the new Battle Spell is actually a modification of the old Battle Spell which is considered rarely used in combat.

Besides being new, Moonton also modified some of its Battle Spells. For more details, let's refer to the discussion and tips for using it below!

1. Revitalize

Revitalize is a new Battle Spell that replaces Heal. In the past, Heal only gave Regen's cellphone to his users and teammates around.

Although it seems useful, the mechanism is deemed less effective because it only provides additional blood in a short time. To be more effective, the workings of Revitalize were changed similar to the Fountain system in Dota 2.

Users call Healing Spring which will last for 5 seconds, then recover 2.5% Max HP every 0.5 seconds. In addition, teammates at Healing Spring also gained an increase in Shield and HP Regen effects by 40%.

Tips: With the change in the mechanism, the Battle Spell is predicted to be used more frequently than its predecessor. Hero Tank User or Support can be said to be the user who is most suitable with Revitalize.

Because the mechanism is different, you can no longer use it right when the team fight. Revitalize will be more appropriate to use when the situation is "cold", for example before or after the war.

2. Flame shot

Unlike Revitalize, Flameshot is a completely new Battle Spell. Just info, this Battle Spell comes to replace Scout which is very rarely used in combat.

When using Flameshot, you will fire missiles in the specified direction. Enemies affected by the missile will receive Magic Damage of 250-350 (+ 100% -150% Total Magic Power).

Enemies affected by this Battle Spell will receive a slow effect of 30% for 1 second. In addition, enemies who are near you when firing Flameshot will be knocked back.

The Flame shot mechanism can be said to be similar to Selena's "catfish" skill. The farther the enemy is hit, the damage received will be greater than those who were hit at close range.

Tips: Flameshot can be used as an alternative to Execute. Of course, this Battle Spell has the advantage of knockback and slow. However, you must be absolutely accurate because this Battle Spell is not locked.

Seeing the mechanism, Flameshot can be said to have the same fate as its predecessor. Because, there are many other alternative Battle Spells like Sprint, Flicker, or Aegis that are more useful in team fights than Flameshot.

3. Arrival

In addition to the two new Battle Spells described above, Moonton has also modified several Battle Spells. First, there is Arrival, Battle Spell which is less attractive for Mobile Legends players.

Post-update, you can teleport to a turret that has been destroyed with Arrival. Previously, this Battle Spell could only move you to a turret that still stood firm.

To be more in demand, Moonton provides additional effects. After teleporting, you will get an extra Movement Speed ​​of 75% for 5 seconds. In addition, the Battle Spell cooldown is also reduced from 150 seconds to 75 seconds.

Tips: You can use this Battle Spell to overtake teammates who are at war near the turret. In addition, the new Arrival can also be used to clear lane quickly.

Again, this Battle Spell is predicted to be less attractive to Mobile Legends players. However, the additional effects of extra Movement Speed ​​and cooldown which is only 75 seconds feel pity to pass up.

4. Vengeance

Vengeance becomes the second Battle Spell to get changes on the latest Mobile Legends update. Just like Arrival, the Vengeance mechanism is still the same as before. However, there are additional effects that are quite helpful when the team fight.

The mechanism is still the same, namely reflecting enemy attacks for 3 seconds. The enemy will receive 200 Magic Damage (+15 x Hero level). However, this time the reflection effect can only be triggered every 0.4 seconds.

In addition, post-update Vengeance can heal the user's HP after the duration of the Battle Spell ends. The HP Heal that you will receive is calculated at 30% of the damage received.

Tips: Because the mechanism is the same, the way to use it is not much different. You can count on Vengeance when fighting heroes with high Attack Speed ​​like Kimmy, Karrie, or Claude.

Seeing the healing effect, don't be surprised if this Battle Spell is used more often. Vengeance is also suitable for Tank heroes such as Gatotkaca or Lolita.

5. Sprint

When another Battle Spell gets a buff, the Sprint is nerfed. Post-update, the effect of the Movement Speed ​​Battle Spell buff is reduced to 40% from 50%. Even so, the duration of the buff remains the same, which is 8 seconds and will decrease with time.

Tips: Bad news for loyal users of Sprint. 10% reduction does look ordinary. However, the effectiveness of this Battle Spell will certainly be reduced so that makes you have to look for other alternatives.

Overall, the changes to a number of Battle Spells made by Moonton bring freshness to the game. Some of them are predicted to be in demand such as Revitalize and Vengeance. However, the opposite is true for Flameshot which seems to be of no use when compared to other Battle Spells.