(Mobile Legends) Facts about Masha, the most formidable fighter in the Land of Dawn

Masha's presence in the Land of Dawn had attracted attention. Because he has three "lives" which makes it difficult to kill. This makes Masha as one of the fighters who are often also relied upon as a tanker.

(Mobile Legends) Facts about Masha, the most formidable fighter in the Land of Dawn

In this article, I will provide some facts about Masha that need to be known, before you want to buy this one Hero. So, you can objectively determine and adjust the style of play.

Without lingering, please refer to the description of facts about Masha below!

1. Lots of Blood, Lack of Armor

Who is not tempted by the presence of a Hero who has three layers of blood? With such a large amount of blood, Masha is certainly one of the choices of Fighter that is expected to bring a variety of new games in Land of Dawn.

Unfortunately, that hope does not necessarily come true easily. Despite having abundant blood, Masha is not equipped with a high level of defense. Thus, the blood seemed to be easily reduced on the battlefield.

The low level of defense makes Masha lose her durability which is the main requirement as a top-class tanker. The condition is also exacerbated by the lack of disabled capabilities.

2. Hard to be killed

With lots of blood, Masha would need a good HP regeneration. Without proper regeneration, a high amount of HP seems useless and ineffective in combat.

Fortunately, Masha is equipped with the ability to restore HP that other Heroes don't have. Although it doesn't have much effect, the regeneration of the cellphone gets an ace to get additional HP when fighting.

In addition, Masha is also equipped with Life Recovery skills. The skill is able to restore HP to 80%. The recovery of the HP is quite large and can change the course of the fight if you are able to use it properly.

For the record, Life Recovery cannot be used as long as Masha is fighting or has a fully loaded HP. So, he needs to get out and stay away from the battle area before using the skill.

In addition to having skill 4, Masha also has an additional "life" on her passive skill. So, when there is only one HP stack left, he will get a resilience effect, aka a reduction in crowd control duration of up to 60%.

In essence, if you want to continue to live, you have to keep on attacking. Because the Hero's Lifesteal also increases by 20% when the HP bar is only one.

3. Good combination of Lifesteal and Attack Speed

Noted on the passive skill - Ancient Strength, Masha can obtain additional attack speed and extra Lifesteal which is calculated from the depleted HP. For 1% reduced HP, he will get an additional 1.2% Attack Speed. He will also get an extra 10% Lifesteal for every stack of HP that is used up.

Referring to the ability of the passive skill above, Masha has a very strong combination of Lifesteal and Attack Speed ​​abilities. The thinner HP Masha has, he can attack faster and get HP with a Lifesteal effect far more.

It is very suitable for Masha to play aggressively to take the objective of the game, especially push. The attack speed and damage that is large enough to make it capable of tearing down the turret quickly.

4. Difficult to Lock the Enemy

As a Fighter, Masha has a fairly high level of damage. This makes it able to finish the enemy quickly. Moreover, coupled with the ability of the Wild Power skill that can provide additional Physical Damage of 3.5% of its Max HP.

Despite having a high level of damage, unfortunately, he does not have the ability to lock enemies. He only has the ability to crowd control in the form of a slow skill Howl Shock and Thunderclap.

This ability is certainly not enough to facilitate Masha to attack the enemy freely. Because, only by relying on the ability of the slow effect, the enemy can still move freely to run away from Masha.

5. High DPS Level

As a Fighter, Masha is very reliable to finish off enemies quickly. The reason is, he has a high level of damage and attack speed. These two factors make it a very high damage-per-second (DPS) achievement.

This makes it one of the promising new heroes. He gets a high level of damage from the Wild Power skill. In addition, the effect of his passive skill is also able to increase DPS achievement with a very significant increase in attack speed.

By usage, a high DPS level allows Masha to push quickly. In addition, Masha can also take the objective of the fight in a short time. Thus, Masha is very efficient and effective for playing objectively.

What do you think about the facts from Masha above? Do you have other interesting facts about Masha?