(Mobile Legends) Guide to Build Revamp Valid Items

Mobile Legends just modified Valir on the 1.4.14 patch update released last week. Morton's attempt to re-popularize the fire controller was finally realized after this update. Valir is now a feared Hero Mage.

(Mobile Legends) Guide to Build Revamp Valid Items

Revamp is certainly good news for loyal users of Valir. The reason is, the Hero is more agile than before. The damage is still the same as when it was revamped.

To be even more horrified, here I provide tips and guidelines for building items that are most suitable for Valir. Come see!

1. Demon Shoes

The Valir Skill experienced a significant change after revamp. This time, his skills have a shorter cooldown so users can spam skills more frequently than before.

This condition also comes with consequences. Consumption of excessive skills will inevitably cut Mana. That is, you need whichever is more or which level of Regen is higher.

So that your Mana doesn't run out quickly, Demon Shoes became the most appropriate shoe item for Valir. Additional +30 Mana Regen is high enough to continue to keep the Hero in battle without having to go back and forth to the base.

Demon Shoes also have a very synergistic passive effect. The reason is, every time you kill an enemy, your mana will recover by 10%. Likewise, when you eliminate creeps because Mana will regenerate by 4%.

2. Lightning Truncheon

The second item you must have is Lightning Truncheon. This item provides additional attributes that are quite helpful, starting from +75 Magic Power, +300 Mana, and + 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Not only is the additional attribute quite large, but this item can also help Valir to give a broader area effect. Lightning Truncheon has a passive effect on damage areas to three enemies near the attack if the user issues active skills every 6 seconds.

+ 10% Cooldown Reduction can be said to be the underrated effect of this item. Cooldown reduction is certainly very synergistic with Valir skills that have short breaks.

3. Fleeting Time

Before revamping, Fleeting Time becomes a mandatory item for Valers. This is due to the skill of the Ulti who has a long cooldown. All changed post-revamp. The ultimate has a buff mechanism with a shorter cooldown.

Even so, that does not mean you no longer need this item. Because the effect of reducing the cooldown by 15% is quite large. Not to mention the passive effect that reduces the cooldown by 35% if you get kills or assists.

The shorter duration of the cooldown makes you freer to issue combo skills. Especially Ulti skills that have a buff effect and debuff (anti crowd control). The faster the duration, the greater your chance for survival.

4. Holy Crystal

The damage from Valir's skills is actually quite large. Especially if the combo is successfully executed properly. However, the actual damage from the Hero can still be strengthened by the right choice of items.

One item that can support this condition is the Holy Crystal. This item gives a fairly large amount of Magic Power, which is 100 points. Not to mention the passive effect which increases 21% -35% Magic Attack.

One important thing you have to take into account is the price. For only $ 2,180, you can get items equivalent to Blood Wings.

5. Divine Glaive

Hero Mage often has difficulty in late games. This is due to the strength of core heroes such as Marksman whose DPS levels have increased thanks to items. While most Mages only rely on burst damage which will be inferior to the DPS Hero in the late game.

For this reason, Mage heroes like Valir need armor-penetrating items like Divine Glaive. This item gives Magic PEN up to 40%. The figure will also increase rapidly if the user is in good health.

Thanks to this item, Valir's damage will be more felt for Hero Tank. The reason is, in the late game, Tank Heroes would already have Magic RES items like Athena Shield. For this reason, you must buy these items for effectiveness in the late game.

6. Blood Wings

In late games, it's not just the damage that is needed. For Hero Mages, durability is also very important while dealing with damage. The reason, Hero Mage, in general, has a thin cellphone so that it can be a month-long in late games.

With Blood Wings, Valir will get damage as well as a very large HP. From damage, he will get +150 Magic Power, while HP by 500 points.

Durability is the main point of this item. Because Blood Wings have a passive effect in the form of an increase of 1.5 HP per 1 point of Magic Power. That is, the greater the Magic Power (of items), the Valir's HP will increase equally rapidly.

In build items, the damage becomes the main priority. Crowd control is no longer so noticed because Valir already has a capable disable ability. The combination of damage and cooldown reduction also allows him to continue to issue skills in order to help fight better.