(Mobile Legends) Location and Territory Existing in the Land of Dawn

After studying the background of world creation and the Mobile Legends conflict in the Land of Dawn, we can further discuss the world within it. Apparently, the Land of Dawn is divided into several regions according to the direction of the wind.

(Mobile Legends) Location and Territory Existing in the Land of Dawn

From the North to the open sea in the South, the Heroes in Mobile Legends go very far to meet in the war zone. Intrigued by the place of origin of the Heroes in Mobile Legends?

Northern Highlands, Snowy Peaks that Never Melt

Land of Dawn Mobile Legends

In the Land of Dawn, the North is said to be a snowy plateau. The highest peaks decorate steep mountainous terrain and are very difficult to conquer. Aurora is told as the Ice Queen who inhabits the highest peak whose snow has never melted throughout the year.

Aside from Aurora, other heroes from the northern plains of the Land of Dawn are Franco and Bane. They are old rivals from an area called Nost Gal.

Around that area, the sea of ​​hardened ice is called the Frozen Seas. Bane is said to have broken this ocean with his ship so that the inhabitants of the village from Franco were hit by a major disaster.

Apart from snowy peaks, a little further south we can find misty mountains inhabited by a mysterious race of Centaur. One of the heroes that we can find is Hylos.

In the Mobile Legends story, the Centaurs are one of the oldest races inhabiting the Land of Dawn. Could be, life on the Land of Dawn began in the cold North.

The strongest clans in the Eastern Region

Land of Dawn Mobile Legends

The ninja of the Order of the Scarlet Shadow clan is told as a violent murderous clan. They are Hayabusa, Hanzo, and Hanabi who control closed forests in the East.

Mapping this area is actually not yet named. However, it is said that the Order of the Scarlet Shadow often conflicts with Zilong's kingdom.

In addition to Zilong, characters that we can see in Eastern styles such as Chang'e, Sun, Lapu-Lapu, and Akai also inhabit this region. Some god characters from myths such as Gatotkaca and Kadita are also believed to be guardians of this region.

Isolated Islands in the South

Land of Dawn Mobile Legends

Although it is said to have come from the eastern region, Lapu-Lapu apparently sailed south to look for fortune. This unnamed tribe inhabits an island called fertile Makadan.

The Goddess of the Sea, Kadita also took care of the inhabitants of the island. Coincidentally, these two characters were taken from neighboring Indonesia and the Philippines. Naturally, the two heroes in Mobile Legends have a pretty special relationship.

Instead of conflict, Lapu-Lapu and Kadita both respected their territory and did not want to spread damage in the very calm South.

Very Advanced Western Land

Land of Dawn Mobile Legends

In contrast to the Eastern region which is still traditional, on the Westside there is a prosperous human kingdom. This region is also inhabited by Elf races who respect magic and live in order.

Human characters like Tigreal, Clint, Claude, to Elves like Nana, and Gord who studied at the Magic Academy are told to live peacefully in the West.

Heading into the middle, there is a ruined city that is told as ancient culture. Khufra was a ruler when the Twilight Orb burned down his kingdom.

Meanwhile, Minotaur and Aldous are still fighting over the Twilight Orb, which is suspected to have long been lost and was hidden by Esmeralda.

In addition, there is the Minoan Kingdom that was destroyed is said to be an ancient artifact where a great battle took place and opened a new chapter as a storyline in Mobile Legends.

Although the battlefields in Mobile Legends are not mentioned, we can read the title of the folder titled Western Expense which is a sign that this region is a war zone that is always contested.

Other Areas Not Yet Mentioned

Land of Dawn Mobile Legends

Although Mobile Legends has divided their continent, there are still many mysteries that remain unanswered. Devil races like Thamuz, Moskov, Dyrroth, and Selena who are members of the Dark Abyss, for example, are not told to have a house in the Land of Dawn. It could be that they came out to the surface after the first Twilight Orb tantrum in the Minoan Kingdom.

Meanwhile, one of the first heroes in Mobile Legends, namely Balmond, is the only orc of the Bloodaxe clan. Although never mentioned, it is suspected that Balmond came from the North because the Centaur race had fought against primitive tribes who were fond of spilling blood.

In addition to the presence of the unique races above, Mechanics such as Saber, Alpha, Johnson, X.Borg, Jawhead, and even Angela come from an advanced civilization that has not yet been named. It is widely suspected that they also came from the Human Kingdom in the West.

There is also a place called Celestial Palace which can be said to be the "heaven of heaven" Land of Dawn. This is where the origin of Kaja and Uranus are told as guards. In addition, Rafaela and Argus are also said to have come from the Celestial Palace.