(Mobile Legends) Minotaur, Aldous, and Twilight Orb stories

In the world of Mobile Legends, many stories are tucked. The Hero characters who are scattered at the location of the Land of Dawn conspire to seek supernatural powers and conquer the land that has never been destroyed. It is said that an artifact called the Twilight Orb has enormous power.

(Mobile Legends) Minotaur, Aldous, and Twilight Orb stories

Curious as to what the function and how the origin of Twilight Orb is? Check out the following narrative from me, let's!

Minotaur, Old Race of Maze Maker

In the Land of Dawn, the Centaurs are told as the oldest race. After them, Minotaurs appeared who worshiped nature. Some of them are told as shamans or astrologers. An artifact called the Twilight Orb became the most important relic they kept.

Although not told how this Twilight Orb can be found, the Minotaurs take great care of this artifact. They even made a Maze of Minos devoted to preserving this valuable artifact. It is said that anyone who enters this place except the Minotaurs will be lost forever in a branching road.

Aldous, the Strong Witch and the Protector of the Twilight Orb

Over time, the Minotaurs discovered that there was a change in the Twilight Orb. They then called Aldous, a warrior, and magician who was told very strongly in the past. Fulfilling this belief, Aldous became the guardian of the Twilight Orb from evil hands.

Aldous and Minotaur trust each other in this matter. As the most powerful hero in the Land of Dawn, Aldous was reluctant to use the power of the Twilight Orb but slowly learned the secrets of the cosmos in it.

Destruction of the First Civilization

An old city near the Maze of Minos became a very advanced civilization. Unfortunately, some of them were overcome with greed to spread wars for Jade jewels and power between tribes. They even named the great path of trade with the name Jade Path which is decorated with green stone.

The greed that increasingly makes the Land of Dawn overwhelmed with this damage makes the wrath of the Gods. In Mobile Legends it is told that there are two gods, namely Lord of the Light and Lord of the Abyss who both take the punishment for humans.

The Minotaur and Aldous who were both guarding the Twilight Orb were shocked by the awakening of the power of this artifact. Twilight Orb issued a kind of protector that protects the Maze of Minos from the wrath of the two Gods. Outside, all civilizations are destroyed.

The Destruction of Friendship of the Two Heroes and the Beginning of a New Battle

When God overflowed the punishment of heaven outside the Maze of Minos, Aldous had come out of the barrier and half of his body was destroyed by a very strong destructive energy. This is why you can see that half of the Hero Fighter's body looks broken.

Minotaur who saw this incident panicked because of the loss of all members of his family. He then ran away from the Maze of Minos to wander. Aldous who felt abandoned by his best friend held a grudge and over time could control the damage to his hands into a destructive force.

After years passed, the Minotaur returned to the Maze of Minos to find Aldous who was still guarding his nation's labyrinth. Still not willing to forgive his best friend, Aldous challenged the Minotaur. Meanwhile, the power of the Twilight Orb rose again and summoned many other knights to stage a great battle at the Land of Dawn.