Mobile Legends: Tips GG Build Item Harith

No need to doubt anymore Harith is a newcomer who is able to shake the battlefield of the Land of Dawn. His magic ability always leaves deep wounds to enemies who dare to fight him. The midget Mage hero is also very agile in avoiding enemy attacks. Not to mention its resilience ability which makes it difficult to be captured by enemy control skills.

Mobile Legends: Tips GG Build Item Harith

For you Harith users, or if you just want to buy it, I will build the following items right to tackle the enemy even more satisfying. Check it out!

1. Magic Shoes

As explained in Harith's strengths, cooldown reduction (CDR) is an "important or not important" aspect for him. Because he already has the innate ability of CDR from skill 2 and ultimate. However, this item is arguably the safest choice if you want to reduce the duration of cooldown skill 1 and ultimate through the CDR effect by 10%.

This all-round thing is what makes this item replaceable. All back again depends on the gameplay and your taste as a player. If you feel Harith is less nimble, you can use Rapid Boots. You can also use Arcane Boots to increase the pain damage through the Magic RES it produces.

2. Clock of Destiny

The choice of the first core item falls on Clock of Destiny because of its versatile effect. For early games, an additional 60 Magic Power, 615 HP, and 600 which is fairly large. Not to mention the cheap price so you can quickly make this item.

This item also has a passive effect that matches Harith's ability as a time controller. Every 30 seconds, this item adds 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack. This effect can be stacked a maximum of 10 times.

This means that after 5 minutes of creating this item, you will get a total of 300 additional HP and 50 Magic Attack. Not to mention the additional effects in the form of a bonus 5% Magic Attack and 300 where if you have collected 10 stacks.

This addition is certainly an unexpected help for Harith. Arguably the additional HP is the most important aspect because of Harith's gameplay that requires him to constantly dive towards the enemy. Additional HP will certainly make his life longer like a cat that has nine lives.

3. Calamity Reaper

Among the six items you need to make, Calamity Reaper is the key for Harith. The additional attributes and effects of this item are very synergistic with Harith's overall gameplay.

This item provides an additional 70 Magic Power, 100 mana, 30 mana regen, and 10% CDR. All the attributes that Harith really needs, especially in the early game. The price is fairly cheap, so this item can be faster than other items.

Well, the lock of this item is on its passive effect. After activating the skill, basic attacks will produce 120% true damage and 10% movement speed for a few seconds.

This effect is very synergistic with Harith's 2nd skill which deals magic damage in the next basic attack. Thanks to the Calamity Reaper, the basic attack you produce after activating skill 2 also deals with true damage. Imagine if you continue to issue this skill in the late game. It must be so painful!

4. Concentrated Energy

Despite having the ability to survive qualified thanks to the effect of shielding skill 2, Harith remains vulnerable and weak if hit by enemy attacks. Relying on a shield alone is certainly not enough. Therefore, Concentrated Energy and its spell vamp effect can again be an additional 'life' for the hero.

Compared to other Mage heroes who rarely issue skills, Harith is somewhat more compatible with this item. Because he can continuously remove magic damage from skill 2. This makes it able to fill blood faster than other Mages.

Just like Clock of Destiny, Harith will be greatly helped by an additional 700 HP that supports his aggressive playing style.

5. Holy Crystal

Burst damage items like Holy Crystal can be said to be the right choice to support Harith's gameplay as a mid-late game hero. An additional 90 Magic Attack and 25% Magic Power accumulated from your items is certainly very large and makes the damage more painful.

Holy Crystal also has other passive effects that match Harith's skill combination. After releasing a skill, he will get a bonus of 15% Magic Damage for the next skill. You can use this effect for combo skill 2, then continue with skill 1.

6. Blood Wings

Mage heroes are usually strong in the mid-game but their strength is reduced in the late game because of the hero carry covered. Harith too, except if you turn on Blood Wings as the ultimate item.

Bonus 150 Magic Attack from this item will help Harith to maintain the pain of his damage in the late game. Besides getting sick, Blood Wings also made him more cramped thanks to an additional 500 HP, plus an extra HP that was accumulated 1.5 times Magic Power.

Through the build items above, Harith will benefit from synergy with the gameplay and skills he has. For those of you who like to play aggressively, but don't want to die quickly, you shouldn't have to hesitate anymore to buy the items above.