Mobile Legends: Tips GG Build Item Lunox

Mobile Legends fans are spoiled by Moonton. In the last few months, Moonton has always released a unique new hero with a level of difficulty above the average. For players who like challenges, the presence of heroes like this certainly makes the game more interesting. Lunox became one of the new heroes who entered into that category.

Not only difficult and challenging in how to use it, Lunox is also quite tricky when it comes to making items that are right for him. This is due to the effect of passive skills that change the effect of cooldown reduction (CDR) into magic penetration (Magic PEN) and magic defense (Magic RES).

To maximize the effect of passive skills, below is the most appropriate Lunox build the item. Check this out!

1. Demon Shoes

Why don't Magic Shoes make the most of passive skill effects? The answer is simple. You will need more mana at the beginning of the game rather than maximizing the effect of Magic PEN or Magic RES at the beginning of the game.

The skill possessed by Lunox is wasteful because he has to continuously use the skill. Without which regen items, which one will quickly feel exhausted. That's why you need items like Demon Shoes so you don't have to go back and forth to headquarters just because you have to refill where.

2. Enchanted Talisman

Enchanted Talisman is one of the core items that you must make at the beginning of the game. The additional Magic Power is not really felt when compared to other items. However, you will benefit from a CDR effect of 20% and a unique passive effect in the form of recovery where every 10 seconds.

Thanks to its unique passive effect, you shouldn't have to worry about running out of mana when fighting. Not to mention the additional effects where the regen from Demon Shoes.

The additional 20% CDR effect that is converted to Magic PEN and Magic RES is fairly large. However, for some reason, the calculation of CDR and Magic PEN effect is not appropriate.

For example when the Ferris wheel tried to use Enchanted Talisman as the only CDR item. When viewed in statistics, the effect of the CDR is converted to 31%. However, if converted to Magic RES, the calculations are appropriate (2x increased). You can see the proof in the screenshot below.

You don't need to worry about the calculations. Because Magic PEN by 31% at the beginning of the game is already fairly large. Therefore, once you have Enchanted Talisman, the enemy Tank hero will think twice about dealing with you.

3. Lightning Truncheon

This item has become a mandatory item for Mage Mobile Legends heroes. In addition to the considerable additional Magic Power (75 points), Lightning Truncheon is preferred because it deals large additional area damage every 6 seconds. Skill 1 (light mode) which is also an area will be greatly helped by this effect.

In addition, Lunox is also very suitable for this item thanks to additional mana of 300 points and a CDR effect of 10%. Although it's not too big, the unique passive effect will add Magic PEN and Magic RES so that you will be more painful and more difficult to kill when the game enters the mid-game.

4. Calamity Reaper

Actually, this item is an alternative to Fleeting Time. Both items deal with significant damage and CDR effects. However, the Calamity Reaper came out as the best item thanks to the additional effects of mana and the passive effect.

Fleeting Time actually has a greater CDR effect (15%) than the Calamity Reaper (10%). Unfortunately, this item's unique passive effect is not useful because it has been hit by Lunox's passive skill. In addition to not being converted to Magic PEN and Magic RES, this item's unique passive effect also doesn't reduce cooldown when Lunox successfully gets a kill or assist after using a skill.

This is what makes the Calamity Reaper more recommended. Besides which regen makes you don't need to go back and forth to base, the unique passive effect of true damage after using a skill is also quite helpful even though it doesn't really match the characteristics and mechanism of Lunox.

However, don't forget the 10% bonus movement speed effect of its unique passive effect. An additional 10% is not great, but it is enough to help Lunox when it must be mobile or run away from the pursuit of enemies by using skills.

5. Holy Crystal

To make Lunox more painful towards the end of the game, you need items that can burst damage. Therefore, the Holy Crystal is the next item you must make.

This item provides an additional 90 Magic Power points plus bonus damage from 25% of the total Magic Power from its unique effect. This effect also provides a very large additional damage to Lunox.

For example, Lunox has become an Enchanted Talisman (+50 Magic Power), Lightning Truncheon (+75), Calamity Reaper (+70), and Holy Crystal (+90) items. That is, the total Magic Power that you will get after becoming a Holy Crystal is 356.25 (285 + 25%).

The amount is fairly large and can make you more quickly finish the enemy resistance. Coupled with a unique passive effect that gives magic damage bonus of 15% for 3 seconds after you hit enemies with skill.

6. Blood Wings

If the Holy Crystal is not enough to defeat the enemy, you don't need to worry because you still have one item slot to turn into Blood Wings. In addition to adding 150 magic damage points, this item also adds 500 HP which makes Lunox more intense in the late game.

If you think that extra 500 HP isn't enough, this item will give you an extra bonus. Thanks to the effect of the passive item, Lunox's HP will increase by an amount of 1.5 times the total Magic Power you get.

Thanks to the additional Magic Power and HP, this item also makes you more powerful in terms of both offensive and defensive. Lunox special items and powers should also be a combination of GG that makes the enemy raise a white flag as a sign of surrender.

The combination of the six items above can be the most powerful combination that will guarantee your victory in the game. However, of course, you have to take into account other possibilities that will occur in the game.

Because the six items focus on maximizing the conversion of CDR into Magic PEN and Magic RES, it means you have to sacrifice the defense aspect. Even though Lunox gets a Magic RES bonus when in light mode, it's still not enough. Especially if you don't really understand the power mechanism.

If the enemy turns out to be more aggressive, you can exchange some of the items above with special spell vamp items such as Concentrated Energy or Necklace of Durance. This is so that you can extend your life while fighting.