New Hero Mobile Legends Severe OP, Has 3 HP Bar and Crazy Damage!

Hello Mobile Legends friends, this time Moonton released another new Hero from the Fighter role on the Advanced server. This new hero has the name Masha, it is said that if this Fighter hero is too OP guys, Yes that's how Moonton if removing a new Hero in his game would be made Over Power so as to make the players headache for this hero counter.

New Hero Mobile Legends Severe OP, Has 3 HP Bar and Crazy Damage!

When seen Masha seems to have a relationship with one of the hero fighter tanks that has been released, namely Hilda. However, the unique hero of Mobile Legends has 3 active skills and 2 passive skills that can be used to dominate the game. Well here is a description of skills from Masha that you need to understand.

Skill 1 (Howl Shock): Masha roars forward and releases Energy Shock to the target, dealing 200 (+ 100% Extra physical attacks) physical damage and causing them a slow effect of 40%. Lasts for 2 seconds. If he hits an enemy hero, he can cause a Disarm effect to the hit hero for 2 seconds. Taking weapons directly can end the Disarm effect.

Skill 2 (Wild Power): Masha wakes up his Wild Power, increases his movement speed by 20% and deals physical damage equal to 3.% of the target's maximum HP with basic attacks. For every 1 second, he will lose 1.5% of his current maximum HP when Wild Power is awakened.

Ultimate Skill (Thunder Clap): This new Mobile Legends Hero launches Powerful Charge after reducing 50% of his current HP. When he approaches the target, he will issue a Thunderclap, dealing physical damage equal to 15% (+ 100% total physical attack) from his maximum HP and causing a slow effect on them by 90%. The effect lasts for 1 second.

Ancient Strength (Passive 1): Masha gets Ancient Strength from Bear King and has 3 HP Bars. Every time he loses 1 HP bar, he can withstand damage once. He will die when he loses his last HP bar. Every time you lose 1% of HP, the attack speed increases by 1.2%. Masha will get 10% physical life steal when he loses his first HP Bar. He will get 10% x physical life steal.

Life Recovery (passive 2): This Mobile Mobile legend recovers 80% of the HP from its last HP Bar by using all of its Energy. Not available during battle or with 3 HP Bars.