New Hero of Mobile Legends Ling, Lively, Deadly Assasins

Mobile Legend is an example of a successful game in the Southeast Asia region, especially Indonesia, by providing services and improving the game environment, to give players a good playing sensation.

New Hero of Mobile Legends Ling, Lively, Deadly Assasins

The advancement of the games and technology industry has made developers and companies engaged in it demanded to continue to innovate in spoiling their players. In addition, an increase in the game ecosystem that is made into sportsmanship and balancing is certainly a fixed price in a patron of the success of a game.

Moonton as the main developer has also increased its game ecosystem by providing a speedy version update, which is expected to make the game smoother in terms of graphics and gameplay. In addition to these updates, Moonton also routinely conducts surveys regarding new heroes as variations in the game.

Not long ago, Mobile Legends returned the arrival of a hero with a slender stature with the classification of Assasins class, which is considered to be another version of Hero Fanny, which is capable of spinning cables.

He is Ling, the new hero of Mobile Legends who is able to crawl on the wall and provide massive damage penetration with his rain of swords.

This time we will discuss the skills and abilities possessed by this handsome Hero, guys. Curious? Let's see below guys.

Cloud Walker (Passive Skills)

Ling himself does not use Mana in using his skills but uses Energy which increases when attacking minions like Fanny. This passive skill of his made Ling data jumps from wall to wall before releasing his skill. While on the wall, Ling recovers 2 Lightness Points every second. Every time Ling deals damage to an opponent, he will recover 5 Lightness Points.

Finch Poise (Skills 1)

This is a skill that allows Ling to jump between walls to walls using his Energy. In this phase, Ling will become transparent and can move quickly. Ling uses her Lightness Skill to jump on the wall. By using Lightness Point / Energy, Ling can jump up and down with this skill. Energy costs will be reduced along with increasing this skill 1 with a count of 30/28/26/24/22/20/20.

Defiant Sword (Skills 2 / Blink / Damage)

This is a deadly skill from Ling because it gives deadly Burst Damage to the opposing hero even the Tank. Ling will jump and stab the opponent who is determined using his Lightness Sword. If Ling uses this skill while on the ground, he will run to stab an opponent by dealing 70 (+ 100% Total Physical ATK) damage plus a Critical Chance of 25% as an effect on the Berseker Fury item. Meanwhile, if he is on the wall/wall when using his skill, this skill will change to a mini area and give a slow effect of 30% for movement speed with the same damage count when doing skills on land. Calculate the damage produced as the level increases to 70/95/120/145/170/170/195.

Tempest Blade (Ultimate / CC / Burst)

Ling jumps and drops 4 giant swords to an opponent with a fairly large area for 2.5 seconds and deals 250 (+ 200% Total Physical ATK) damage. This skill also gives a Knocked Up effect to the affected opponent. After that, the area becomes a Sword Field that Ling can take to reduce the cooldown of his skill 2. This skill certainly gives great damage to opponents even though the Tank.

Now that's the row of passive abilities and skills possessed by Ling, the Cyan Finch which is staying will become an Assasins with Over Power capability when it has been released on the Public Server. Currently, Ling is still in the Advanced server to get further adjustments. How do you feel about Ling? At first glance, Ling is like a combination of Lancelot and Fanny yes guys.