In this case, it's a new combo that we believe will dominate Chess Rush. Cyborg is present as the strongest hero today.

Cyborg is somewhat stronger, now stronger!

Steel Fist and Groundsmasher, Cyborg Tank hero hit by a buff, you know! Therefore, they are even stronger.

Steel Fist now has additional armor, and higher HP and damage. The changes:

Armor: 25 >> 35
Mobile: 2200/4400/8800 >> 2400/4800/9600
Damage: 150/252/300 >> 200/300/400
Groundsmasher also gets additional armor and produces more true damage. The changes:

Armor: 35 >> 50
Damage: 450/600/750 >> 500/700/900
The Drone Stalker did get debuffed, but the laser beam with true damage is still deadly!

Maximum target hit: 3/4/5 >> only three targets.

The Engineer class gets additional HP regen

HP can regenerate, the number increases again! This is important, you know, for Cyborgs, especially those who understand how to use Cyborgs.

As we know, almost all Cyborgs are Engineers, except Bionic Ninja and Stalker Drones.

Regen HP Engineer.

2 Engineer +45 HP Regen >> +60 HP Regen
4 Engineer +120 HP Regen >> +150 HP Regen
Engineers that can be obtained at early game include:

Miss Supersonic
Steel fist
As in the first point above, Steel Fist and Groundsmasher have received additional armor.

Now, with the increase in the Engineer class, of course the Cyborg-Engineer combo will be a troublesome opponent.

How not, with +60 HP regen, meaning the hero can overcome 30-40 percent of the damage received,

The probability of the presence of a Legendary Hero is higher

One drawback of the Cyborg combo is that it requires at least one Legendary Hero. As we know, the presence of the hero is only 1 percent, moreover the new team reaches level 8.

Well, therefore, you must make the team reach level 9, where the chance of this legendary hero increases to three percent. With the AoE skill from this legendary hero, you can do crowd control, and realize +180 HP regen!

Remember, you must have a good early game!

With a good early game, then when level 8, your team won't have any more difficulties to win. Especially if you can maintain victory, then the Cyborg combo will OP at level 8.