Play Free Fire with Shotgun M1014, These are the 4 Best Skins!

Shotgun M1014 is the most favorite shotgun type weapon among Fire-Fire players. This shotgun has a lot of skins and if you are a shotgun user, here are 4 M1014 skins that you should try.

 Play Free Fire with Shotgun M1014, These are the 4 Best Skins!

Annihilator (Death’s Eye)

The attributes used are ++ Rate of Fire and -Magazine. This skin comes together with 3 other weapons namely MP5, VSS, and AK where it gives a very fast Rate of Fire. But it causes the number of bullets to be lower so, for those of you who have good accuracy, this skin will suit you.

Underground Howl

The attributes contained in this skin are ++ Damage, + Magazine and -Rate of Fire. This is the best skin for M1014 if you want big damage. There are more bullets in this skin but you still have to be careful, especially if the enemy hasn't died after you shoot twice because the rate of fire will decrease.

Death Cataclysm

This skin has the attributes of ++ Magazine, + Damage and also -Reload Speed. This skin has a higher number of bullets than others and with added damage, you can definitely defeat the enemy in a duel shot. What you need to consider is the duration to reload the bullet because it takes a long time compared to the usual one.

Black Skull Violet Terror

The last is a skin called the Black Skull Violet Terror. This skin only has the attribute of + Rate of Fire and this also makes it a small skin and is often underestimated by the enemy. But this skin has the main advantage that there is no reduction in other attributes at all and this also causes many pro players to use this skin.

That was 4 skins on M1014 that you can use when playing Free Fire, especially if you are accustomed to using a shotgun.