Point Blank Announces New Updates and Interesting Events

Zepetto announced the FPS Point Blank game for the presence of a new update. Yes, in the update there are some new items and also interesting events.

Point Blank Announces New Updates and Interesting Events 

For the latest items, Point Blank presents a new box called Kriss S.V Red Box. Well, in this box the player can get Kris weapons with super cool skins.

The skins are Joker, E-Sports2, Red, Hybirdman, Ice Supreme, and NewBorn 2015.

There are also updates on New Spray, namely Sunset Spray, Highfive Spray, and 3 Bullet Spray.

Then, for interesting events are Event Top Up, Discounts, and Old Player vs. New Player.

At the Top Up Event, players can get double the cash bonus if they have never topped up before.

In addition, players who have not logged in since July 31st, get items and weapons, such as SC-2010 Gold 3D, SC-2010 Gold 3D, and also Kriss S.V Gold 3D.

Previously, Zepetto also announced that it had finished carrying out maintenance to present new updates.