Preview Borderlands 3 - Gameplay, Champion!

Various interesting things presented by Gearbox Software on the latest Play Borderlands 3 Game, made me moved to share my initial experience, after 10 hours of exploring.

Preview Borderlands 3 - Gameplay, Champion!

Surely many people are of the same opinion that the success of Borderlands 2 was not able to lift the Spin-off version, Borderlands Pre-Sequel. But now is not the time to discuss the failure of the Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Maybe I'll tuck it in the full version of the Borderlands 3 review video later.

Borderlands Preview 3 this time, will focus on stunning graphics and gameplay. And my opinion at the end of the article, is this Borderland 3 game able to restore the great throne of the Borderlands Series?


Finally, the post-apocalypse genre, which in my opinion is the King of FPS Looting, returns with its third Series.

From the side of the story, Borderland 3 is a direct continuation of Borderland 2, - where the plot taken is about 6 years, after Borderland 2. There isn't much I can share about the game plot side in this article. Because that makes me, and maybe many of you are curious about the gameplay and the visual side. Really?

Borderlands 3, also presents several new characters who have unique abilities or specialties, and also their respective roles in the game.

Visual & Audio

Now, for this first impression article, I will focus more on the visual side as well as some of the new features that are the most awaited.

Visually, Borderland 3 at a glance does not offer new concepts and technologies on the visual side. But apparently, we just saw a significant difference, when already playing this game.

First in terms of texture, this time it looks much more detailed. In a sense, it is definitive so well that it looks more comfortable in the eyes thanks to the post process that is no less good than other games.

But what concerns me is temporal AA, which is the addition of a new anti-aliasing logic to this game. This presents a graphical impression that appears more blurry than the results of FXAA processing. However, temporal AA in Borderland 3, in my opinion, is quite able to eliminate the vector of serrations on the object.

One feature on the visual side that is missing is Physx from Nvidia, as a feature to present particle details and natural movements in the image. Not something bad in my opinion, because the application of Physx at Borderland 2 is arguably less than optimal.

From the relatively short playing time, overall Borderlands 3 offers 'so-far so good' graphic quality.

As for the Audio side, Borderlands 3 already supports spatial audio, offering a more realistic audio experience with the help of Windows Sonic (free version), or the paid version of Dolby Atmos.

I tried with Dolby Atmos which was quite successful in producing surround sound, in speakers and stereo class Headphones. Ambient 3D is also completely different from when my spatial audio was deactivated.

Gameplay & Character

In terms of gameplay, Gearbox software looks like it still wants to retain the distinctive characteristics of Borderland namely, Shoot-Kill-Loot. But for this latest version, there are additions to the modification side that is more detailed than the previous version, - especially in the scene of modifying vehicles in the game.

For character, we will still meet with Crimson Riders, from Borderland 1, with Lilith as its leader. I myself just tried to use one (1) character, Moze the Gunner.

The reason, because I noticed, Moze has a characteristic, which is very intriguing to try, - especially the unique skill of driving Mecha. In a limited time of course.

In addition, the Mecha skill on the character Moze can be modified starting from the use of bullets both left hand and right-hand weapons. Each mecha can also use a different weapon.

Hmm ... this is just one character, there are still 3 other characters that I haven't had a chance to test. But in my opinion, the overall character is still the same as the previous series. Each character will have a unique ability (skill) with a very deadly effect, which can be activated in a limited time.


From my observations after about 10 hours of previewing this Borderlands 3, I came to the conclusion that this game looks very similar to Borderland 1 starting from the visual side, and also the gameplay.

Gearbox consistency maintains the gameplay features of the Borderland series, in my opinion, is the right step. Champion for the gameplay side.

The gearbox also allows you to play with several modes. You can play online in public or private options. In fact, you can play in LAN mode, which means you can share with other friends.

If you claim to be a lover of the Borderlands game, your long wait is not in vain. You will again be spoiled by the visual appearance that has been vastly improved.