(PRO TIPS) Tips for Survival in Free Fire

Battle royale games like Free Fire require you as the players to survive on a small map. Not only that, there are 50 players in the folder. To win the match, you are required to stay alive.

Via Istimewa

The good news, the player is kind enough to share my survival tips on Free Fire with me. Let's see the explanation below!

Don't Lust

Just like other battle royale games. Free Fire also places you on a small map that is home to 50 people. You have to be smart to hide so you don't get hit by enemies around.

In order not to die in vain you are required to play patiently. If you see an enemy, don't let you get carried away to attack him immediately. Look around first. Who knows, the enemy you want to attack has been staked out by other teams as well.

"Don't lust when meeting the enemy. You also must also be vigilant around the enemy, "

See Friends If You Want Open War

If you want to open war, make sure you have discussed with team members. Don't open war without the support of other members. Don't take rash actions without other team members knowing.

This is done to make the other members also prepare for the attack. They will also take care of you around you.

"If you want to open war, look at your teammates and don't forget to discuss in order to launch an attack,"

Clever Read Zone

Playing battle royale, not only avoiding enemy attacks. You are also staked out by the zone circle. The zones in the Free Fire game eventually will become smaller.

So you are required to enter the circle. If not, you will be affected by the damage caused by the zone.

Besides requiring good shooting skills, you are also required to be able to avoid the zone. You have to be able to read zone movements. So you are safer to play.

"Playing Free Fire, not only requires good shooting skills. But also you have to be smart in reading zones, "

Fast Rotation

Doing rotation in playing Free Fire is very necessary. Because, in addition to being useful to trick the enemy, it can also avoid the zone.

If you rotate correctly. It is likely that you will survive longer in this battle royale game.

"If you want to live longer in the Free Fire game, try to rotate. This can fool the enemy and also avoid zoning, "