(PRO TIPS) Tips on Becoming a Sniper on PUBG Mobile

Sniper position can be said to be an important role in every battle royale game like PUBG Mobile. The reason is, you can conquer the enemy from afar without knowing its whereabouts. For this reason, accuracy or good aim is an absolute requirement for a sniper.

(PRO TIPS) Tips on Becoming a Sniper on PUBG Mobile

However, being a sniper was not just a matter of accuracy. There are still some important things that you must know to become a skilled sniper.

Let's see the tips given by the sniper below!

1. Memorize the Weapons Used

Many types of weapons are found in the PUBG Mobile game. Each weapon must have various categories, for example, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sub-Machine Gun (SMG), and pistol. There is also a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) and Bolt-Action Rifle which can be categorized as a sniper.

To be a good sniper, Viel gives the advice to find out the characteristics of each weapon, especially sniper. Because there are quite a lot of sniper choices that you can use in battle.

You can use Training Mode to try out various weapons in PUBG Mobile. Not only that, but there you can also practice being a reliable long-range shooter.

"To memorize the characteristics of each sniper, you can try it in Training Mode so we know how the mileage and bullet speed are. We can also try to burn when the car is moving, can we get to the target or not, "

2. Try Headshot

From the weapons contained in PUBG Mobile, a sniper is a type of weapon that produces great damage. If you become a sniper, always try to shoot the enemy's head.

Although not always shoot the head of the enemy immediately die, at least your opponent will be knocked. Or at the very least reduce the enemy's HP to really die.

It will be useless if you only hit it on the body. Because your opponent can still survive because it does not hit the vital part.

"Sniper weapons deal great damage. So try when you see the enemy, don't hit the body, because it will be useless. You have to hit the enemy's head directly, in order to knock right away, "

3. Open Vision for Information to the Team.

For players, a sniper obliged you to open vision for teammates. Typically, sniper weapons are equipped with a scope with greater visibility. This can get you information about where the enemy is that you can convey to your team.

To get the scope, you must be diligent to do looting in places that have not been touched. You can also get it at Supply Drop. However, the risk is greater because there are certainly many who are eyeing the Drop.

"One of the tasks of a sniper is to provide information to the team where the enemy is located. You can do this by opening up your vision around, "

Give a Warning Shot

If you've found the whereabouts of the enemy, don't forget to provide information to the team. Not only that, Viel suggested that you not only monitor, but also give a few warning shots.

It aims to give a bluff to your enemies. This bluffing strategy can also trigger panic on the part of the enemy which could be an advantage for your team.

"Don't just open vision. If you have seen the enemy, give a few shots to crack the enemy. This can also give a warning to the enemy, "