(PRO TIPS) Tips on GG Becoming a Rusher Free Fire

Among the roles in battle royale like Free Fire, rusher can be said to be the most important. Because they are the ones who are in the forefront to initiate attacks.

Tips Rusher Free Fire

In order to be effective initiation of attacks, players who reach this position are also required to have good reflexes and aim mastery. Apart from the technical side, a rusher must also have a mental strength as steel as the front guard.

Right Rotation

Rusher was the one in charge of initiating the attack. Usually, this position is filled by players who have the ability to reflex and aim above average. In order to perfect the attack, you have to do the right rotation.

Rotating can usually make the enemy unable to know your position. This aims to trick the enemy so that you can do the rush perfectly. However, you must remain vigilant remembering this is a battle royale which means the enemy will be everywhere.

"Make the right rotation, so the enemy can't know our position,"

Trust and support

To be able to carry out attacks, you should communicate to support players. It is intended that you can be guarded by your teammates if you want to carry out attacks. Maybe your support will be better prepared to help you by throwing a flashbang.

If you have carried out a communication to carry out attacks on supports. One of the mainstay players Victim said if you have to believe that they will protect you in the back when doing a rush. Cooperation with your support is very much needed when you rush your opponent.

"Just trust in your support if they will be able to protect you behind,"

Confidence, the Key to Rusher's Success

If you want to attack, don't hesitate. Because it will cause a feeling of not confident. This will result in you being attacked by the enemy that you will attack.

Usually, if you do an attack, but meet the enemy suddenly you will be seized with nervousness. Therefore Rizz emphasizes that a rusher must have a good level of reflexes. So, when dealing with enemies, you will be quick to be able to uproot it.

"Be confident and don't hesitate to carry out attacks. So you don't get nervous and do the wrong thing when dealing directly with the enemy, "

Avoid Mistakes and Miscommunication

Be in the front lines when carrying out attacks. A Rusher also must take into account so as not to take the wrong action. For example, wrong in calculating the distance between you and the enemy. This can be very fatal, resulting in failure for you and the team.

Likewise with communication with teammates. For players, without good communication, the ability of a rusher will be in vain. Because, even though they have to advance first, they also need support from teammates. Mistakes that occur often occur because of poor communication.

"Without the help of a teammate, a rusher is nothing. So need communication when you want an initiation so that nothing goes wrong,"