(PUBG Mobile) 5 Tips for Survival in Infection Mode

On August 14, Tencent and PUBG Corporation released a new zombie mode at PUBG Mobile. The mode, titled Infection Mode, is available through patch update 0.14.0. 

(PUBG Mobile) 5 Tips for Survival in Infection Mode

Unlike the two previous PUBG Mobile zombie modes, Infection Mode will compete against two-player teams consisting of a human / Defender team and a zombie team. You can fight as zombies in this mode.

1. Defender Must Be in a High Place

When playing in Infected Mode, you can't determine whether you will become a Defender or a zombie. That is why you must be prepared for any role. If you are assigned as Defenders, one of the important things you need to do is to go to high ground.

By being in a high position, you can gain distance with zombies. You can also more clearly see zombies coming from a height. Then, try to be on high together with other Defenders. Once there are zombies heading to your place, Defenders can band together to slow down and defeat the zombies.

2. Determine the Type of Zombies that Fit Your Play Style

If you are chosen as a zombie since the beginning of the game or infected by zombies, you will automatically change to Speed ​​Zombie. But once you are defeated by Defender, you can respawn to Speed ​​or Stealth Zombie.

From the name, it is clear if the two types of zombies have differences. Speed ​​Zombies have skills that can increase their running speed. Another zombie, namely Stealth Zombie, has the skill to be transparent. With these different skills, you can choose which type of zombie to suit your playing style.

3. Turn Your Zombies into King Zombies

Speed ​​or Stealth Zombies are not the only types of zombies that you can find in Infection Mode. If you manage to infect two Defenders, your zombies can transform into King Zombies. This type is the strongest zombie form in Infection Mode.

Therefore, you must focus on changing your zombies into King Zombies. Although this type of zombie is slower than the other two types, King Zombie can produce far greater damage. In addition, the King Zombie skill can increase the zombie defense around it.

4. Take the Booster as Fast as You Can

For those of you who don't know, Infection Mode provides an item called Booster that you can find in the Lost Harbor folder. Booster is a unique buff that can be used by zombies and Defenders. You can find these items in a suitcase.

What will the player receive if using Booster? If Defender finds a Booster, they will get additional HP and damage. But if the zombies find it, they automatically turn into King Zombies.

5. Change Weapons If the Bullets Run Out

Each Defender is equipped with two weapons, namely AKM and M16A, in Infection Mode. You don't need to have any trouble finding bullets in this mode either. The thing is, each weapon is equipped with 660 bullets. Quite a lot, right, to defeat the zombies?

There is one thing you need to remember. Reloading a weapon sometimes requires a short amount of time. Especially when you are in a tight situation because you are surrounded by zombies. Instead of spending time reloading weapons, it's better for you to exchange weapons. After the situation is safer, then you reload the empty weapons.