(PUBG Mobile) 5 Tips for Survival in a Small Zone Circle

One of the things that make the battle royale game, especially PUBG Mobile, so interesting is you have to be the only person who survives among 99 other players. Now, so that the game becomes more intense, the zone will continue to be narrowed as the game goes on.

(PUBG Mobile) 5 Tips for Survival in a Small Zone Circle

The fewer people left, the smaller the safety zone becomes. This is done so that the remaining players can meet and fight as fast as possible. Your chance to survive is even more difficult in this situation.

1. Always Check Around

When you want to enter or are already in a small zone circle, be sure to always check the area around you. The most important thing is to always check the area behind you. Do not let you guys ambushed from behind because you let your guard down.

Apart from moving the camera's view, you can also check around the area using a scope. With a scope, you can examine enemies who are far away or who are hiding in trees, rocks, or bushes. If you have found the location of the enemy, you can also take action to defeat them.

2. Prepare the Grenade

One important item that you must pick up in the early or mid-game is a grenade. If possible, collect all types of grenades in PUBG, namely Smoke, Stun, Frag, and Molotov Cocktail. If it is difficult to find everything, prioritize to collect Smoke and Frag grenades. These two grenades are very useful when you are in a small zone circle.

Smoke Grenades are used to divert the enemy's attention or to hide your whereabouts. If you find the location of the enemy but are reluctant to open fire, you can throw the Frag grenade at the enemy location. Its huge damage can paralyze an enemy instantly.

3. Don't Boot

Looting is the most important element when playing battle royale. With looting, you can get various weapons and items to face the enemy. You have to do a lot when it's early or mid-game. But once you've entered a small circle zone, it's better to hold your desire to loot.

Taking the enemy loot that you managed to defeat is very tempting indeed. However, you should not do this when the number of players remaining is very small. Once you are determined to take the enemy loot, other players can realize your whereabouts. Instead of getting items, you can instead be defeated by enemies.

4. Save Healing Items As Much As Possible

Since you will have difficulty looting when you get to the late game, make sure you save various items that you need in the early game, including items for healing. There are various types of healing items that you must collect, but prioritize the First Aid Kit, Painkiller, and Energy Drink.

If you have enough healing items, you can make your HP full before entering the small circle zone. You can also be better prepared to face the enemy without the difficulty of replenishing your HP.

5. Split with Teammates

These tips can you do when playing in duo or squad mode. When you enter a small zone circle, it is better for you and your teammates to split up to different points. However, try not to scatter too far with other colleagues.

By scattering, the possibility of the enemy defeating your squad at the same time even smaller. You can lure enemies to get out, while your colleagues in charge of firing so the enemy was seen.