PUBG Mobile Collaboration Game with The Walking Dead Series

AMC, Tencent Games, and PUBG Corporation have just announced a collaboration between the series The Walking Dead and the PUBG Mobile game.

 PUBG Mobile Collaboration Game with The Walking Dead Series

Some iconic characters from The Walking Dead, such as Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedu) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will be present in the PUBG Mobile game.

More precisely PUBG Mobile will present a limited number of items and skins starting October 1. Items and skins that appear are as follows:

- Daryl Dixon Skin
- Rick Grimes Skin
- Negan Skin
- Michonne Skin
- Daryl’s Motorcycle
- Michonne’s Katana
- Negan’s Bat, "Lucille"

To get Daryl’s Motorcycle, you have to play an event in the form of a The Walking Dead board game. You can see how to play through the promotional video below.

When viewed from the video above, the skin offered will give an appearance exactly the same as the characters in the series. Other skins will be present in Season 10 on October 6, 2019.

The question is why did Daryl's motorbike be inserted while the crossbow was not? The question was immediately answered by Vincent Wang, General Manager of the Tencent Games Global Publishing Department when interviewed by Screen Rant.

"Although Daryl is an expert at using crossbows, we feel it will be more fun to try riding his motorcycle," Wang said.

"We have also released a rocket launcher that Daryl Dixon fans will love," he continued.

Are you a PUBG Mobile fan? Are you interested in trying new skins and items from The Walking Dead series?