PUBG Mobile Season 9 Update Leaks to the Public.

As you know, PUBG Mobile Season 8 has only been going on for about a month. It will still be a picture of Season 9 already circulating among lovers of this battle royal game.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Update Leaks to the Public

Yes, news about the next PUBG Mobile season has been leaked through Mr. Youtuber named Mr. Ghost Gaming. This YouTube channel often reveals information about PUBG Mobile game updates before it's officially released.

This situation was also done by Mr.Ghost Gaming while Season 7 was still ongoing and now the Youtube Channel is back doing the same thing before PUBG Mobile Season 8 is over.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 is planned to be released on September 12, 2019, along with the 0.14.5 update which is said to be available in China on Game For Peace which is a replacement game for PUBG Mobile.

In the video uploaded by Mr.Ghost Gaming at PUBG Mobile Season 9, the plan is to present a new weapon. The new weapon that is planned to come is the Sub Machine Gun (SMG) type called MPK5.

The MPK5 weapon in PUBG Mobile will use 9mm bullets, but this weapon is only available on Vikendi's map. This MPK5 weapon also offers three shooting modes namely single, burst and automatic.

There is also an item called Canted Sight which is a type of Scope that has a viewfinder not too far away and will be installed by default on weapons available in the game.

In addition to this update, there are also several new features such as vehicles and extreme weather for the map of Vikendi. The vehicle is named Zima which is only available at Vikendi. This vehicle looks like a mini-SUV.

Other changes also appear to be in frames per second (FPS). Reportedly Tencent Games wants to increase the frame per second limit which is currently set at 60fps. The Beta version of PUBG Mobile in China has given players the choice to choose between 90fps or 120fps.

But if this is really realized, of course only high-end Android phones like OnePlus 7 Pro, Razer Phone 2 and ROG Phone II can enjoy because they offer a 90Hz and 120Hz display.