PUBG will present Survival Mastery Mode,?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will present a new mode called Survival Mastery Mode. Yep, this mode is to maximize the player's ability to fight.

PUBG Survival Mastery Mode

Reported by Business Today, Survival Mastery Mode will be present at the PC version of PUBG on 24 September.

Survival Mastery is designed as a Weapon Mastery companion system. If the Weapon Mastery focuses on improving the ability of players, while in Survival Mastery focus on knowing the ability of players.

Yep, in this mode can help players to find out the ability of players after making matches. So that players can determine whether they want to improve or not.

In this mode, the player must also complete various missions, such as defending, hiding and eliminating enemies. If the missions have been completed, the Survival Mastery level will increase.

The higher the level you get, the more data and statistics of your game.

To be able to open this new mode, players will get a PUBG ID. Players can also see the PUBG ID of friends and enemies to find out the game statistics.

PUBG will also add a new tab on the screen after the battle is over. In this new tab, the player can find out game statistics.

This new tab is called Summary and Survival. On the Survival tab, there is a Survival Timeline which contains detailed game statistics, ranging from battles, looting to healing.