Quick Turret Collapses with 5 Hero Mobile Legends

Despite having many competitors, Mobile Legends is still one of the most popular and widely played games for gamers. In this game, there are many heroes who can be selected. Starting from the type of fighter, Marksman, tank, and support.

Here Are The 5 Hero Mobile Legends That Are Good At Making Turrets Quickly Crumble!

Now in this MOBA game gamers are challenged to be able to destroy the opponent's turret and maintain the turret on their own base. For this reason, the following 5 recommendations of Mobile Legends heroes are very good at knocking down enemy turrets quickly.


This hero is one of the heroes with the fastest attack. The spear is not only deadly but can also destroy towers quickly. Just use ultimate skills to increase attack speed so that the turret gets smashed faster.

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The hero who is the mainstay for destroying turrets usually has a high attack speed and Miya also has a fast attack. This Hero Marksman Mobile legend excels when firing arrows at enemy turrets.


This Mobile Legends Hero that can transform into a wolf is able to attack faster. Roger is also good at beating enemies quickly. This certainly can be applied during push turrets.

Roger is also good at running away with the skills he has.


The mainstay hero who can be the next turret destroyer is Claude. Yes, this Marksman hero can be relied on to push the Turret.

Thanks to the fast attack his skill that can move or teleport allows Claude to survive the pursuit of the enemy after knocking down the turret.


The last turret-breaking hero is Layla. Yes, this Mobile Legends hero is capable of attacking remotely, allowing him to target the turret.

With a high attack speed, Layla is quite deadly when dealing with enemies. The Destruction Rush skill can also be relied on to bring down opponents from a distance.

Now that's five Mobile Legends heroes that could be the mainstay to knock down the turret quickly.