Reasons Why You Should Have X.Borg on Mobile Legends!

Who has seen the capabilities of X.Borg in Mobile Legends? In a previous review, we already gave a little teaser about X.Borg. But surely you haven't realized her strength if you haven't tried, right?

Reasons Why You Should Have X.Borg on Mobile Legends!

We already know that X.Borg has a great attack power and also tackiness that is not kidding. But do these abilities make him obligatory to buy?

This time, we will give our review as to why this Cyborg is one of the heroes you must have and how it affects the current Mobile Legends meta!

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Now, we will go into a review of why you should buy X.Borg on Mobile Legends!

1. Pure Damage Type

The amount of damage from X.Borg is not from the number of damage that reaches to thousands but based on the type of damage produced by him. X.Borg is able to deal with Pure damage types that armor cannot cut into an enemy!

In addition, he also has two types of attacks depending on his Armor Firaga. With Firaga Armor the damage generated by X.Borg will increase while without armor, his attack range will increase considerably!

2. Armor Firaga With High Regeneration Level

The second reason why you should have X.Borg is Armor Firaga. The strength of Firaga Armor is not to provide additional armor or defense but the ease with which this Armor regenerates.

Firaga Armor will withstand all damage received by X.Borg until this armor is destroyed. Interestingly, you can get the energy to fill Firaga Armor by giving damage to enemies when their temperatures are at their highest.

In addition, Firaga Armor can also be refilled by itself when X.Borg does not use this armor. This is what makes him very difficult to conquer.

X.Borg placement on Meta

In our opinion, X.Borg is a pretty unique hero and can easily enter Meta today. His role as a Fighter can be a substitute for Leomord and Thamuz as a hero that is very difficult to conquer.

In addition, with a very large AOE from his skill, X.Borg can easily disrupt enemy formations and force them to reposition to avoid ambushes from this hero.


X.Borg is one of the most powerful heroes in meta today. You can easily take advantage of his mobility and his own tackiness.

You must have him and is one of the heroes who can make it easier for you to do push rank in meta now.