Respawn Entertainment Show off Apex Legends Season 3 Trailer

Respawn Entertainment officially showed off Apex Legends Season 3 in a trailer that was uploaded on the YouTube channel Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 3

In the official Apex Legends Season 3 trailer, there are heroes, weapons, skins, and various new features. There are two trailers, the cinematic trailer and the gameplay of the season, titled Meltdown.

In addition to the new Legends named Crypto, the most striking feature of Season 3 is the presence of a new map. This map, named World’s Edge, has a more colorful feel because it combines high-temperature regions lava-filled with low-temperature regions filled with snow.

Reported by Polygon, at World’s Edge there is also a train that can be ridden by players. It is still unclear how the brain works, but it can be concluded that such as World’s Edge will have a wider area than King’s Canyon.

Season 3 also offers some interesting new skins. Some of these are Lifeline's devil skin and Pathfinder's ice skin. In addition, also introduced a new weapon in the form of a Charge Rifle that seems to give quite large damage once a shot.

Looking at the two trailers above shows the ability of Respawn and EA in making trailers that are able to attract the attention of gamers. In fact, this Season 3 cinematic trailer is laudable where they show the activities of the Legends in their free time.

For now, there are still a few questions about Meltdown. One of them is whether the new map of King’s Canyon will be removed?

The answer to that question can only be obtained at the start of Season 3 on October 1, 2019.