(REVIEW) Pokémon Masters

The Pokémon Company seems to be quite serious about its expansion into the mobile game realm. Do not stop at Pokémon GO, they again present a new game with RPG gameplay that this time looks different, namely Pokémon Masters

(REVIEW) Pokémon Masters

Comes with a new formula, this game looks unique than its predecessors. Instead of capturing monsters, players must now create the synergy of the best teams with the iconic Trainer selections in the series.

Cute graphic presentation

As a mobile game, Pokémon Masters offers pretty high-quality graphics. The Pokémon seem to live with a three-dimensional display. Sangkingnya realistically, this game will have difficulty walking with high FPS on a potato device.

Because it is delivered in a real-time fighting style, this game looks agile playing Pokémon gestures. Not to mention the cutscene animation on special abilities issued in the game.

For graphics, because it is done directly by The Pokémon Company, I think this game has performed satisfactorily. Unfortunately, the graphics are quite burdensome for the smartphone to make the playing experience feel less perfect.

Repetition in Innovation

In Pokémon Masters, players will play a battle of three against three at a time. Later players will play Sync Pairs aka Trainer characters and iconic Pokémon throughout the Pokémon series, ranging from Red, Brook, Misty, Gym Leaders, to the Elite Four in various regions will join throughout the game.

The presence of this 3v3 system arguably makes the game feel fresh. The battle became more flexible and made the game quite attractive. Even so, there is a one fighting mechanism that is maintained, namely turn-based.

It should be noted, there are no exploration features like those presented in the main series of Pokémon games. The mechanism this time is not much different from today's ARPG mobile games. You will get the Trainer and Pokémon characters through Gatcha.

Although it feels innovative, unfortunately, this new mechanism raises weaknesses that are quite felt. Players become transfixed by the choice of characters and can not recruit Pokémon freely as before.

The presence of the Sync Pairs system that binds the Trainers and Pokémon also raises a weakness that is quite felt. As if the party system in an RPG game in general, now Pokémon Masters is adapting a game that is less suited to the franchise.

The reason is, this game adapts adventure and repetitive stages. Over time, the level of difficulty will increase quite dramatically. This will be a problem with the synergy that players use.

Absurd RPG System

Because the player must use the Sync Pairs character, now the ability is improved while binding his Trainer and Pokémon. The three Pokémon you carry will develop fairly evenly. Meanwhile, new characters will find it difficult to develop against strong enemies.

This game still adapts the power of Pokémon types so that certain levels can only be completed with good synergy from the composition of the players. Without good synergy and strategy, the game becomes very difficult so that it can make you feel a waste of time.

In addition, you can only strengthen the Pokémon character by using items. This system feels very absurd considering that normally Pokémon will look strong when their level rises.

In addition to grinding, another way to strengthen your Pokémon is to buy a Diamond to find items. The result, the pay-to-win element also feels very thick in this game.

Monotonous Game

The presence of the iconic characters can not save this game from bad reality. You will meet the same ordinary storyline. The antagonists appear very weak and do not give the impression of a trace.

Over time, you will be preoccupied with the conversation, open a new stage, finish it, and keep repeating it all. This game will really bore you and not bring a good variation.

There is still one other annoying thing that you will feel from this game. To find the Pokémon that we want, there is no other choice but to do the gatcha which they refer to in the game as Sync Pair Scout.

On the other hand, the co-op mode can be a pretty good tool. Now players can share the game and control one Sync Pair together with other players.

However, this kind of pattern becomes strange because one character must run the battle quickly. This content also feels quite monotonous because there is no attractive reward system.

Haunting Microtransactions

Actually, the Trainers that we gather at the beginning of the game to the end of the Story are choices that can be used. Everything compliments the characteristics of Pokémon and can be used interchangeably. Unfortunately, they don't have high ability and are still inferior to the five-star Sync Pair.

On the other hand, the existence of crafting to unlock Pokémon's abilities also feels very burdensome. In the game, getting these items is very heavy and cannot be returned if we open the abilities of other Pokémon.

The players who are willing to burn money to buy up Diamond will appear stronger very quickly. By collecting the Sync Pairs, later the game will run very easily for anyone.

Every day, players can actually get free Diamonds. However, the amount is very small and will take a very long time to save. That is if you are still willing to wait for something that is uncertain.


I wonder what was in the minds of The Pokémon Company when it released the game Pokémon Masters. As if to bring the mobile game experience Pokémon, the new formula they present is very damaging to the game.

This game only presents a game that runs very short and gets boring over time. Hopefully, there will be plenty of fresh content being served at Pokémon Masters for some time to come.

For the time being, Pokémon Masters are arguably very disappointing. Especially if you are fans of the Pokémon RPG game. It is better if you spend time returning to playing the previous games rather than this game.