(REVIEW) State of Survival

At the end of last August, Kings Group Holdings released a new zombie-themed game entitled the State of Survival. If most zombie games come in a shooter game package, State of Survival presents the experience of fighting zombies in the form of strategy games.

(REVIEW) State of Survival

 You will be assigned to maintain the survival of yourself and other survivors.

Strategy Games that Are Not Just Upgrade

The State of Survival presents a strategy game as its main gameplay. Like strategy games in general, you will find an upgrade system to be able to develop the character and settlement that you manage. While still relying on an upgrade system, this game also presents other things that make the gameplay more varied.

You can also still feel the tension of zombie shooting in Exploration Trace mode. That mode does not display the true shooter game experience. The thing is, you won't find a control or aim system in the Exclusive Traces. However, how your strategy in using the skills possessed by each character will determine the victory in that mode.

Serve Various Missions and Not Forget Story Elements

One of the things that makes strategy games so boring quickly is the lack of variety in the missions presented. Besides being less varied, missions that are difficult to complete can also make strategy games become boring fast. The good news, Kings Group Holdings is able to overcome these problems at the State of Survival.

The State of Survival presents various missions so that the story of the game can continue. The missions are grouped into several sections that are in around. If you successfully complete one section in one round, you will open a new story in this game.

Most strategy games usually only present the story at the beginning of the game. But as the game progresses, the elements of the story slowly begin to be abandoned. However, this did not happen at the State of Survival. There is always a new story that you can enjoy after successfully completing one part in around.

Display Visuals that are Superior to Other Strategy Games

KingsGroup Holdings does not seem to want half measures when developing the State of Survival. In addition to the gameplay that is quite fun to play, this game also presents visuals that are superior to the size of a strategy game.

The animations that are displayed at the start of the game, as well as the battle in Explorer Trace mode, are presented quite well. In fact, somewhat intentional when compared to mobile strategy games in general.

The visual display presented in Exclusive Trace mode really resembles the visual appearance of a shooter style game. When playing this mode, you might forget to play a strategy game. Starting from the movement of zombies to the action of characters when fighting zombies, everything creates a sensation like a shooter game.

Still Safe from Microtransactions

One big problem that makes the title of another strategy game, namely Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, so less fun is because the game is very clearly imposing a microtransaction system. For those who object to the microtransaction system, State of Survival can be one of the game options for you to play.

In contrast to Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements which takes a long time to upgrade, the time needed to upgrade at the State of Survival is still quite reasonable. In addition, the requirements needed to upgrade are not too difficult to make you forced to do microtransaction.

The State of Survival relies on the tap system in-game control. This makes this game easier to play for everyone. But for those who prefer games with more complex control systems, this game might feel monotonous for you.

Zombies game for cowards

Not everyone can be brave enough to play horror games, including zombie-themed games. The gripping nuance and appearance of jump scare from a horror game may not be enjoyed by everyone. If you want to play zombie games without feeling scared, you can try the State of Survival.

Since the State of Survival focuses on strategy games, you will not find a tense feeling in this game. The zombie display is quite scary, but you won't find a jump scare that can make you shudder.